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The Conversation

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Veronique Gabai

If you’re looking for a scent that’s reminiscent of favourite vacations in the South of France, Veronique Gabai has bottled it.

Born in Antibes on the French Riviera, but now living in New York, Veronique’s fragrance brand is heavily inspired by the Mediterranean region where she was born.

“As I travelled the world extensively, I realised the place I come from is purely magical. Life is simple there but always memorable,” Veronique says. “The luxury that exists in the South of France is one that’s about moments well lived, not possessions.”

From her can’t-live-without highlighter stick to signature vacation scent, this is how Veronique Gabai does beauty on-the-go.

What are your must-do beauty rituals before you travel?

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I always drink lots of water and nurture my skin ahead of travelling so it’s hydrated. I like to mix a few drops of my Sunshine Face Oil with my foundation or day cream for added radiance.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I transfer a lot of my daily products into small containers – they’re a life saver. Everything that comes in wipes, from make-up removers to nail polish remover, become my best friends for travelling.

Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples?

Usually minis and wipes. I decant my staple products into mini containers and I never travel without my Goldie Highlighter and fragrance pendant for on-the-go beauty.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

Yes, I’ll drink lots of water and moisturise my face and hands regularly during the flight. I never wear any make-up on the plane. I don’t eat much and always try and sleep for as long as possible to recharge.

How do you overcome jet-lag skin/eyes when you land?  

I try and acclimate to the time zone that I land in as soon as possible – if that means a horrible first day, so be it because the days that follow will be much better and much more productive. Sunshine, or at least daylight is essential, as it boosts the melatonin and Vitamin D which help fight the jet-lag and boost your immune system. I’ll also use my Goldie Highlighter for instant radiance – it makes you glow even when jet-lag gets the best of you.

How do you stay calm when you’re travelling?

I’ve travelled all my life and have been in some serious weather conditions at times. There’s nothing you can do to prevent this, but you can learn to anchor yourself into a place of calm and inner balance. Deep breathing helps, as well as smelling fragrance notes that are comforting – any familiar scent you love will put you in a more reassured state. For me, it’s all about Noire de Mai.


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What’s been your favourite country to shop for homegrown beauty products and why?

So many. I love Japan and Korea – I’m always finding inspiration for skincare there. And I love Brazil for the different products that they have for hair and body. But France is always a great place to shop for beauty as you’ll always find a new formulation. All my fragrances are made in France as I found the quality there to be best.

What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far?

I’ve had two remarkable spa experiences where the nature made such an impression. One was at the Aman Amangiri in Utah. The spa was great – but the desert, the canyons, the air and the light added an almost mystical experience. I had there a real body and soul moment there.

The other was in a place called Macakizi in Bodrum. The spa cabins were located up on a hill far from the main hotel area, nestled in the Aleppo trees, and filled with the sound of birds and crickets. I immediately felt very zen.

Do you have any DIY at-home skincare remedies that you love?

I like to clean my nails with a few drops of lemon juice in warm water – it works wonders, instantly.

So, what’s your ultimate travel beauty tip?

For me, happiness is the best beauty tip. Spritz your favourite uplifting scent to brighten the mood and soak up the daylight.

What products are in your must-pack beauty kit right now?

I like a clean and luminous look on vacation, so I pack products like my Goldie Highlighter to illuminate the skin and my favourite shimmer lip gloss, Bobbi Brown’s Bellini. I keep my hair hydrated with Moroccanoil – a few drops through the length goes a long way. Right now, I’m using my Eau de Jour as the blend of natural citruses never fails to lift up the soul.


Favourite cosmetics bag?

I like a transparent pouch so I can take my beauty on the plane.

Plane: mist or mask?


Travel light or over-packer?

Light, always.

Spa facial or massage?


Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?

On vacation I let it loose and my hair goes wild!

Skincare wipes, yay or nay?

Make-up remover, absolutely. For the rest, nay.

Faux tan or au naturel?

Natural. I’m a Mediterranean being and my skin loves the sun.

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