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Sleeping Beauty Is Not A Fairytale. The Best Sleep Remedies

Getting those eight hours of beauty sleep can be daunting and somewhat unachievable for many of us.

Whether it’s work life balance, jet lag from travel, or work home balance (as the current situ may be), there’s so much to do in a day (and night) that it can be difficult to find the time (or switch off our thoughts in time) to squeeze in those hours of reparative bliss. It can seem like you’re accumulating a deficit that you just can’t seem to fill. And the more stressed you get about it, the more it seems to elude you. Science, of course, has proven that a lack of sleep affects our skin. When we go into sleep mode, repair, renewal and detoxification are key. If you don’t snooze, your body won’t reschedule those things that are supposed to happen at night.

There’s no easy fix. Sleeping well takes discipline; and a wind-down routine that helps compartmentalise any lingering stress from your day.

Sleeping beauty may not have been just a fairytale. Here are some of our top sleep remedies to help put you in a soporific mood (and get your glow on simultaneously!)


With the stress-dispelling scent of lavender and orange, a couple of quick spritzes of this on your pillow can have an instantly soothing effect and create a smooth route to blissful oblivion.


It’s cool, but not as futuristic as it sounds. The DoDow sleep aid device is perfect for those you struggling to quieten your thoughts. The gadget sits on your bedside and emits a calming blue light onto the ceiling which slowly shrinks and grows helping to slow down your breathing and your thoughts.


Sleeping badly can do a number on your skin. Barbara Sturm’s sleep food is designed to tackle both. It’s vegan-friendly ingredients are designed to encourage relaxation as well as healthy-looking skin. It’s a win-win.


We all know the tricks of a cup of cocoa before bed. So here we have a delicious drink which is formulated to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep with chocolate. A no brainer? The milk has 20% more calcium, more protein and a high dose of valerian, the secret ingredient that will help you relax and contribute to getting a better night’s sleep.



For those that don’t love an elaborate night-time beauty routine, a face mask you can leave on while you sleep is an easy and effective shortcut to getting that overnight glow. Oskia’s Bedtime Beauty Boost mask is light and will work hard to brighten, hydrate and anti-age you – all whilst you sleep.



Tired of waking up in the morning with tangled bedhead or appalling frizz? Try the Silke Hair wrap – made of 100% pure silk it eliminates the friction your poor hair experiences nightly and helps it stay long and lustrous.


From celebrity coiffeuse Jen Atkin – responsible for maintaining the manes of Klan Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Gwen Stefani (to name a few) – comes an ultra-relaxing (and civilised) update on the bath bombs. Enter Ouai’s Chill Pills, nothing short of a soak saviour. Featuring Jojoba to safflower to hemp. If you have the luxury of a tub, pop these fizzing tablets diffuse into hot water to emit a gorgeous jasmine and rose fragrance. Pairing your de-stress session with smoother than smooth skin, what’s not to love?  Zzzzzzzz.



Did you know we average 1 hour less sleep than we did 40 years ago and our quality of sleep is lacking? Not surprised, really. According to dagsmejan, sleep rules the world. This is sleepwear that manages your body temperature and your body's natural heat regulation for the optimum sleep. They're so confident, if you don't love it after 2 weeks, you can send them back.



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