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In The Spotlight: Piece Of White

Introducing our new column- In The Spotlight- where we showcase our favourite global brands.

Emerging Turkish label, Piece Of White is redefining a wardrobe classic: the white shirt. With luxe fabrics, dramatic ruffles and exaggerated sleeves, founder Zeynep Tansug is elevating the daytime staple to chic evening wear. Starting with primarily white poplin shirts in 2017,  the AW20 collection is replete with chic iterations of these alongside sultry leather midi skirts and utilitarian jumpsuit in a sophisticated palette of blacks, khakis and grey.

We caught up with Zeynep to discuss her travels, move to London and how she styles her white shirts…

How did Piece Of White start?

After graduating from university I started working at Unilever in brand management. I was born into a very creative family, in which every member was doing something related to art or fashion. Creativity has been an integral part of my life: I have always drawn designs, and was cutting and sewing my own clothes long before I started Piece Of White. In 2017, after seven years of brand management experience,  I decided to realise my dream and launched the brand.

What was your motivation?

The main motivation was to create timeless, classic and fashionable pieces.  A white shirt has always been the most classic wardrobe essential for many women, and for me as well. I was always searching for a white shirt brand with a perfect fit and high quality fabric at the same time.

How would you describe the brand aesthetic and what sets it apart?

The pieces are quite different than the usual white shirt, we have so many styles in each of our collections. We are trying to redefine the classic white button-downs. Every piece takes on  the personality of the wearer: the same piece can be easily  styled either very chic or sporty. One of the key elements of differentiation is that every single piece is uniquely handmade. Craftsmanship is central to our brand.

What makes the perfect white shirt and how would you style it?

Original fits, cool detailing and top quality fabrics. For me, wearing a white shirt with jeans and red lipstick is one of the best outfits for any occasion.


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How do you get inspiration for your designs?

Women have always been the main source of our inspiration. Of course my travels are also a big source of inspiration and I believe this has been common for most of the designers throughout history. Apart from various cultures, every city has a unique energy: that is the most valuable part for me when we are visiting a new destination.

My family  and I have been moving for the last couple of years. Before moving to London, we lived in Vietnam for 2 years and my exposure to all Asian countries during that time has a big impact on our collections both in terms of design and fabric supply. Moving to another country and changing your home every two years is not an easy process.  However, it is a big opportunity at the same time.

What’s next for the brand?

I want to continue growing and increase our brand’s global presence. Now that I am in London, we will focus on growing the brand here in UK and then will focus on our global availability to reach more markets.

Sustainability is always our priority. We have been producing timeless products since the first day. Unlike fast fashion, we always design products that are seasonless thanks to their quality and classic/timeless style. There are many people who keep wearing their white poplin shirts from our first collection. The topic of sustainability is endless and there is always room for improvement. There are many areas where we can progress from production to packaging, distribution to marketing. 2021 will be a year in which we will focus on this.

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