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The Art Of Letter Writing Part II

Now that you’ve got the process of letter writing down (if you’ve yet to read The CF Guide To Letter Writing, check it our here) it’s time to get kitted out with a comprehensive writing set.

We’ve curated some of our Smythson favourites – each kit befitting the writer in question. Now, all that’s left for you to do is determine which type of scriber you are in our art of letter writing Part II.

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Lengthy, vivid passages are how you roll. When faced with a A4 wad of writing paper, prose and inspiration just flow. With you, an ink refill will never go amiss – brevity is not your way. That said, we suggest transferring some of your more abstract thoughts and ideas into a notebook. That way, should you ever find yourself lost for inspiration, you’ll have a wealth of reference points jotted down on Smythson’s Nile Blue paper to fuel you.

Big fan of a bullet point are you – lists in general, in fact. Best left to notelets and compact notebooks in most instances, Smythson’s offering will leave you spoilt for choice (we imagine you’ll compose a shortlist to whittle down your options in any event). A metal twist pencil is chic but practical, and well aligned with your habit of flitting between gold-stuccoed correspondence cards and “something more graphic” when jotting your acceptances and such.

You like to let your thoughts percolate before committing pen to paper, and with jottings as considered and well formed as yours we can well see why. Your writing desk is mapped out to perfection – complete with a multi-use blotter (now considered your go-to desk accessory) and Viceroy fountain pen in situ. It’s the optimum space for clear thinking; meanwhile that writing folder on your bureau helps keep your thoughts (and pages) in order.

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