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How To Recreate London's Top Facials At Home

With clinics and spas closed this month, CF asks the skincare experts how to recreate their stellar facials at home.

London is a hub of skincare experts, offering an abundance of  high-performance facials combining LED, micro-needling and cutting-edge products to deliver glowy, radiant skin.

It seemed as soon as the beauty industry was FINALLY back up and running, sadly it had to shutter its doors again as we entered Lockdown 2.0 in the UK. Luckily, many of London’s leading facialists now have their own product lines so you can take a little of the in-clinic experience into your homes. We spoke to the experts to get the lowdown on how to keep complexions perky until we meet with them again.

Nataliya Robinson Quantum Botanika  


Nataliya Robinson operates out of her discreet cottage, tucked away in the heart of Chelsea. Combining her love for holistics with high-tech technology, she works her wizardry on complexions, turning out a dewy glow within the hour. The magic doesn’t stop there, she will send you off with little potions of her homemade products.

Nataliya says, ‘if you are looking for a micro-Dermabrasion effect similar to what you can experience in a clinic, then sprinkle sodium bicarbonate powder into your moisturising cream and use it as a face, neck and décolletage scrub. Apply firm pressure on the T-Zone and areas with blackheads. Massage for less than a minute and then rinse off. As an alternative, if you don’t want to prepare your own face scrub then you can buy the Beauty Buffer by Quantum Botanika. This silk cloth is naturally rich in peptides; you use it to scrub and polish the skin in a flossing motion.

Bring some blood circulation to the upper levels of the skin to make it glow. To achieve this, you can use the Face & Scalp Rollers by Quantum Botanika which provide a Dermaroller (micro-needling) effect in your own home, without the need for needles. A face massage is extremely important if you are serious about your skin: it encourages blood circulation in the upper levels of our skin, and this will bring nutrients and oxygen which are essential for skin health and promote skin beauty.’

Su-Man Su-Man Skincare  

Su-Man operates out of Away Spa based in the W Hotel, Leicester Square. Her Signature Facial blends expert skincare with shiatsu and Chinese deep tissue massage for serious lymphatic drainage which reveals sculpted cheekbones you never knew you had.

Su-Man says, ‘my skincare line is designed to be used as a layering system where each product offers a new benefit without suffocating the skin. Whether it’s lockdown or not, I personally apply my Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask twice a week to give an extra boost of hydration. You will certainly notice the difference, and if you follow my application techniques you will definitely achieve your “perfect” skin.

I got all my ideas from growing up at a farm in Taiwan, being a former dancer and having worked with over 10,000 faces. I can promise you there are 52 years of life experience in my system and it truly works! I recommend following my Gua Sha facial technique which can be found on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram.’

Inge Theron FaceGym

Since FaceGym landed in London in 2018 it has garnered quite a cult following. Essentially a HIIT workout for your face, skin is pummelled, stretched and toned through a series of carefully developed movements designed to lift, contour and deliver a boosted glow.

Inge says, ‘lockdown is actually a great time to work on your skin, focusing on keeping it looking and feeling it’s best. The practice of facial exercise has a long history, but it’s often news to people that over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of the face. And just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and toned they become, so it’s key to keep this up!

Facial muscle stimulation helps to keep the muscles firm and skin tight but it also stimulates the most important protein for keeping the face look young- collagen. It’s also proven to help with skin cell renewal, detox and fine line reduction. If you find that you have an extra 30 minutes in your day if you’re not commuting, give yourself a quick facial workout and you’ll really feel the benefits.

My favourite tool for mimicking our popular FaceGym workout at home, is the new FaceGym Multi-Sculpt Tool. This stainless steel ‘gua sha’ has 6 individual edges to target different parts of the face and muscles. You can follow along with the unique FaceGym method by scanning the QR code on pack, which is a great way to begin if you’re unsure of what to do. I love to use it first thing in the morning with the Firming Signature Face Oil to set me up for the day. It’s perfect for de-puffing, sculpting and giving your skin a healthy glow.’

Picture 355

Sarah Chapman Skinesis  

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis clinic is so highly sought-after, you’ll have to fight Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely for an appointment, but it’s well worth the wait. With LED lighting, micro-needling and lashings of her stem cell serums  (which you can purchase) on offer, you walk out with a youthful glow which incites a ‘wow!’ upon close inspection.

Sarah says, ‘with many of us spending more time at home at the moment, it’s a great opportunity to enhance your skincare regime with professional-standard devices and techniques.

The fastest way to supercharge your routine is by steaming your skin. Most facials at my Skinesis Clinic start with a steam – this deeply hydrates and draws out impurities. My Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer emits microscopic steam particles that can penetrate further than regular steam, leaving skin smooth, supple and silky.

If you’re noticing ‘maskne’, or congestion caused by wearing a face covering, follow this step with my Pro Pore Refiner. This intelligent device brings clinical extraction techniques – thermo-therapy, ionic cleansing and ultrasonic vibrations – to your home, visibly restoring skin’s clarity.

For a truly professional-style treatment, try my new Meso-Melt Infusion System. This ground-breaking system mimics a micro-needling treatment in my Clinic; creating tiny micro-channels that allow my Pep⁸ Stem Cell Serum to deliver eight firming peptides, plumping hyaluronic acid and reparative stem cell technology deep into the skin for dramatic rejuvenating results. Finish by massaging my Overnight Facial or Platinum Stem Cell Elixir into the skin using my signature ‘gymnastics’ technique to boost circulation, nourish skin, and achieve the coveted Skinesis glow. ‘

Laura Ferguson The Light Salon

With no down-time and instant results, light treatment is a popular alternative to classic facials. At The Light Salon, treatments are speedy (you are just 25 minutes away from an instantaneous glow). Red light rejuvenates the skin, whilst blue light is best for acne-prone skin, and you’ll leave with a spring in your step too due to the mood-boosting benefits of LED.

Laura says, “keeping skin healthy during Lockdown 2.0 is the ultimate form of self-care. More than just skin-deep, boosting our skin with LED light simultaneously boosts our wellbeing. Bring salon treatments into the comfort of your home in the form of the Boost LED Mask, and recreate the indulgence of a facial in-salon. 

Comfortable, lightweight and crafted from flexible, medical-grade silicone, The Light Salon portable, professional Boost LED Mask is a convenient skincare device that works on all skin tones and types, stimulating the body to naturally increase circulation and the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to calm, hydrate, strengthen and repair the skin.  

Both instant and long-term benefits, LED helps increase the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones and lower ‘stress’ hormones, which offers balance and enables you to relax. Portable and hands-free, you can wear the Boost around the house while doing chores, or just taking time for yourself, lying with your eyes closed, while Boosting.’

Lisa Franklin

Tucked away in Sloane Square, Lisa Franklin gets to the heart of what you want to see in your skin when you leave, and sets about achieving just that. Having suffered from Rosacea herself, her skincare line is developed for sensitised skin, and her in-clinic facials work wonders on city-dwellers complexions ravaged by pollution.

Lisa says, ‘a good cleansing routine is the key to healthy ageing, and vital for keeping your skin glowing and healthy, at home. Give yourself time in the evening to ensure you remove all of the day’s build up and makeup from Zoom meetings. Start the oil-based Pro-Effect Anti-pollution Cleanser which will effectively remove impurities whilst nourishing the skin, then follow with the gentle Pro-Effect Phyto-Gel Wash to purify and deep clean leaving the skin soft and supple.

Next, make sure you exfoliate consistently: regular exfoliation promotes healthy cell turnover, for a smoother and more even complexion. The Pro-Effect Refining Exfoliator  contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which gently and effectively remove tired skin cells. The result is visibly radiant, more even complexion.

If your skin has been reactive to stress, I suggest our No. 4 Serum – Calm + Heal, which is an anti-redness formula which calms and softens the skin, ideal for reducing Rosacea and redness, and soothing irritation.

Lastly, hydrate the skin with products to achieve that glow. Lack of hydration will make your complexion dull and even accentuates wrinkles, so it’s important that the last step contains a product to lock in moisture and replenish hydration to the skin. The Privé No. 3 Hydrate + Regenerate Serum acts on three levels to help support skin hydration, decrease the production of free radicals and boost skin elasticity.’

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