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Curated By… Marie-Louise Sciò Of Pellicano Hotels

Marie-Louise Sciò, CEO and Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels, is innately chic. Her personal style is classic, with a touch of Italian flair, an aesthetic her family’s hotel empire is imbued with.

The group was founded by her father and she joined the firm in 2005, having trained as an architect. The hotel maven began restoring the bedrooms of Il Pellicano before overhauling the entire aesthetic, down to the products stocked in the sleek hotel boutique.

The hotel group boasts Il Pellicano, an enduring jewel on the Tuscan coasts immortalised in the photographs of Slim Aarons, La Posta Vecchia, a Renaissance masterpiece half an hour from Rome, and the recently acquired Mezzatorre on the hotspot island of Ischia.

We caught up with Marie-Louise to delve into her interior choices and discuss her new e-commerce platform, ISSIMO, the one-stop shopping destination to keep the holiday spirit aglow.

How did you get into interior design?

I studied Fine Arts and Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and began my career in the studio of New York archistar Costas Kondylis.

What makes Pellicano Hotels so special?

So many things!  The beautiful locations, the intriguing history, the understated luxury, the elegance, the sensation of being cocooned away, but yet feel as easy as being at home. And of course, the excellent service.

Bar Il Pellicano

How important is it to you to source locally?

Sourcing locally is extremely important for us, whether we are working with local artisans or buying produce from local farmers.  It not only allow us to support the local community, but it is the most sustainable and the best choice for our guests. That’s how we offer the best quality and the most authentic experience.

How would you sum up the Pellicano Hotels signature style?

Elegant, timeless, understated luxury. Each one of our hotels has its own identity and soul, and we do our best to maintain the authenticity of the location, keeping everything very high quality. This applies to both the design element, as well as the cuisine we serve, and of course, the service.

Detail of the reading room at La Posta Vecchia Hotel, Ladispoli

Where do you get your inspiration?

EVERYWHERE, I am a curious person so that’s the start off point, questioning!

How have the hotels’ surrounds inspired your work?

They have always inspired my work.  It’s a mix of everything that inspires.  

Salotto Torre, Mezzatorre

What other hotel’s style do you admire?

Jeff Kjleins Hotel Sunset Tower and La Colombe d’Or in the south of France.

What are some simple tips you have for our readers how they can recreate the magic of Il Pellicano at home?

Adding some Italian style to your home is all about incorporating the vibrant hues found in nature; the more you layer, the more texture and depth. Italian style is all about the mix.  You have to be bold with everything. Add a little bit of everything, but then it always has to have balance. I also like to source items from artisans around Italy, some you may find on Issimo, such as Lisa Corti, or you could channel that same attitude into shopping small businesses and independent makers in your own city.

You could also think about ways to cultivate plants that will mentally transport you to Italy. You might buy a small lemon tree and plant herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, and mint. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space to cultivate herbs, even if you live in an apartment without outdoor space, a small windowsill garden is perfect because then you always have fresh herbs on hand when cooking. What’s most important is to have fun with what you’re doing.

Tell us about ISSIMO, your new e-commerce platform…

We launched ISSIMO, our new lifestyle and e-commerce site, in May this year. It’s the digital expression of our Pellicano world. It began as a passion project and evolved into an interactive digital platform that highlights the intersections of Italy’s cornerstones – craftsmanship, art, design, cuisine, travel and culture. There are also Italy-centric city guides, as well as a dedicated shopping section featuring collaborations and capsule collections with different brands.  It’s really a virtual trip to Italy, and a great way to get a piece of it delivered to your home.

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