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Five Travel Trends We’re Forecasting For 2021

What might travel in 2021 look like? Hard to say. One thing’s for sure, our changing needs and personal tastes will dictate our future travel choices like never before.

With more of a focus on localised travel, nature, and wellbeing, it seems the experiences we’re seeking are shifting into new spaces.

Health and Wellness

With a renewed faith in the mantra “your health is your wealth” a demand for wellness and health-focused holidays is likely to soar in 2021. Wellness retreats are no longer triggering eyerolls (even amongst our most cynical of friends) rather, the holistic travel trend is fast becoming one of the most talked about of the year. Whether you’re looking to detox, reach new fitness levels or find alternative ways to stay well and strong through better nutrition, it’s time for an MOT check. See you at VIVAMAYR, Lanserhof, Sha Wellness Clinic or similar.


If you holidayed closer to home in 2020 (and rather enjoyed more localised adventuring) you’re in luck, as home travel will continue to be a big travel trend in 2021. Last-minute staycations have proven particularly popular – largely due to changeable COVID restrictions impacting international travel. Weighing up risks, as well as factoring in quarantine periods, many will opt to roam closer to home for the foreseeable. Whether an overnight trip to Thyme or a long weekend at The Pig at Harlyn Bay, staycations are likely to remain our sojourn saviour.

The Great Outdoors

Green spaces have been our saving grace ever since national lockdowns first became commonplace. Exploring the great outdoors proved essential for our mental wellbeing in 2020 and as we go through to 2021, it’s clear that people will be continuing to prioritise spending time in nature and enjoying outdoor spaces with family and friends (just as soon as it is safe to do so). Whether at home or abroad, nature seekers planning their expeditions for the year ahead will be met with bushels of choice. We suggest whetting your appetite with Fforest.


‘Work From Hotel’ packages took prominence in 2020 as remote working became mainstream. Offering an alternative to the confinements of your home office (and a welcomed/ vital escape from cabin-fever) early adopters tested the trend last year to largely positive reviews. With the majority of non-essentials workers continuing to work from home for the foreseeable, our stereotypical 9-to-5 office job is a thing of the past, as is the way we use our annual leave this year. With this in mind, we’ll be checking in to hotels that can cater to our tech-support needs (but also our love of R&R) like London’s The Marylebone, just as soon as we can.

Isolationist Travel and Long-Term Residences

I, for one, have always fantasised about becoming a permanent hotel resident. Truly. When I reach OAP status, I do hope I am known by name (or witty nickname) to a team of exuberant hotel staff. Until then, the possibility of long-term residencies will have to suffice. Recent months have seen a steady rise in hotel and luxury accommodations offering extended stays. As travellers seek safety amid social distancing, home-style offerings and apart-hotels are catering to travellers needs for limited time periods to longer-hauls. Take the Rosewood Residences – Rosewood Mayakoba, has seen a 10% increase in occupancy and Rosewood Hong Kong, a sizeable 200% increase, with average length of stay across Rosewood properties increasing 60% from four nights to six.

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