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S2: Passport to...

Passport to... Wellness in 2021

We’re kicking off the second season of Passport To… with Happy Not Perfect founder, Poppy Jamie, and functional medicine practitioner Rosemary Ferguson, to talk about lockdown, coping strategies, and feeling well (which, it transpires, is very much an inside and outside job).


Exploring what “well” means to each of us individually, Poppy Jamie and Rosemary Ferguson offer a straight-talking approach to wellness in 2021, with practical advice on a variety of subjects from meditation to cooking.

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Last year, stress and anxiety levels soared nationwide, and, so far, the rising trend shows no signs of dissipating in 2021. Successive lockdowns and extended periods of isolation have supercharged our self-care rituals (some futile, some now fundamental to our wellbeing) and forced us to more-acutely examine the “delicate emotions we used to medicate with busyness”. “Being with your feelings and allowing them to pass is important”. Also important – “a morning dance party and a coffee”, says Poppy.

In this episode, we explore how we can feel better in ourselves, both mentally and physically. Helping people cope better in the lives they lead, the Happy Not Perfect App was “born out of a clear need for a tool to deal with anxiety”. Offering users five-minute mental workouts to do on the move, Poppy is a believer in the adage: “the small stuff adds up”. Rosemary concurs. Whether that’s carving out “five minutes of meditation or taking a 20-minute walk every day” – little and often is best, with consistency and balance forming the cornerstones of her approach to diet and nutrition. Her popular The 5 Day Plan showcases the power of food and what it can do for you.


Acknowledging that wellness (and our opinions on the subject) are deeply individual – “sometimes I think the wellness industry is a bit of an illusion,” remarks Poppy – this candid discussion spans trends and fads, the importance of sleep and connection, and challenges listeners to question our consumption levels of digital content. Is that daily social media scroll and incessant News App sweep nourishing our minds or does it leave us unsatiated? Tune in to listen to the discussion in full…

Rosemary Ferguson

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