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Beauty Haul Diaries

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Christine d’Ornano, Global Vice-President Of Sisley

A career in the beauty industry was always Christine d’Ornano’s destiny; she was born just as her parents set up luxury brand Sisley in 1976.

Christine closely observed Sisley’s growth from a young age. She notes, “I always remember playing with my mother’s Sisley samples in her bathroom, trying creams, and smelling them. I guess my love of beauty began pretty early on.” Following a brief stint in fashion, Christine joined the firm at 24, where she was put in charge of expanding the brand globally – something she is still in charge of today as Global Vice-President.

As a pioneer of phyto-cosmetology – harnessing plant extracts in cosmetics – Sisley has always been at the forefront of new cosmetic developments, hence its loyal customer following. Christine adds, “All our products, and especially the fragrance, are developed by the family using our own taste and heritage, which gives them a very personal and original feel.”

Based in Paris, Christine is forever travelling for work and play: “My parents brought us up to be citizens of the world. I went to school in Spain, boarding school in England, and university in America. My friends are from so many different nationalities. I can’t imagine not travelling.”

Equipped with her coterie of Sisley must-haves, we dive into Christine d’Ornano’s travel beauty regimen.

What are your must-do beauty rituals/ treatments before you travel?

I love going to the Maison Sisley in Paris to have The Supremÿa Facial. It has a strong massage that helps rid the skin of toxins and literally lifts my features. I also love the atmosphere of being there. It’s truly a pampering place.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I take travel miniatures as I don’t like having too much luggage. But I keep the same routine as at home. For long-haul flights, I have a little pouch for the plane. I cleanse, moisturise, and apply Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask and the Eye Contour Mask. That way I arrive fresh at my destination.

Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples? And why?

Always minis – so much more convenient!


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What’s the best way to downsize your at-home beauty for travel?

I take Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age which is a day and night cream, and always our All Day All Year.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

In order to avoid dehydration on the plane, I always carry a little bag with a few essential products. These include Lyslait (which I use to remove make-up as soon as I am on the plane), a toning lotion, the Velvet Sleeping Mask, and most importantly, an eye gel mask. That way when I land my skin is dewy and hydrated.

What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far?

I love Les Roches Blanches near Cassis in France. The spa is sublime.


Courtesy of Les Roches Blanches

Courtesy of Les Roches Blanches

How do you unwind when travelling?

I love nature, it restores me. I also do yoga and swim a lot. Finally, I love being with friends and family.

What’s your favourite country to shop for home-grown beauty products?

France. But I have to say I mostly use Sisley products, I have since I was a little girl.

What are your top beauty tips when travelling?

On landing, I apply All Day All Year from Sisley to protect my skin, and just a little bit of Stylo Lumière as a concealer.


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How do you overcome jet lag skin/eyes when you land?

I will use the Black Rose Cream Mask for ten minutes to re-plump my skin, it’s miraculous!

What’s at the top of your beauty wish list right now?

La Cure from Sisley is the ultimate indulgent treatment for tired skin.


Travel light or over-packer?

I really try to travel light as I much prefer not checking in. I have a small RIMOWA case and try to plan my outfits so I take as little as possible.

Spa facial or massage?

Both! A facial really helps detox my skin, and once a month I really need a massage to release tension.

Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?

My hair needs a little bit of drying, if not it looks flimsy. I do it myself but I have to say I do it all year round.

Faux tan or au naturel?

I always use the Sisley self-tanner in the winter. It is very natural but it just gives me a glow. Once a week I exfoliate with our Gentle Facial Buffing Cream and then apply it all over my face and neck. It’s so natural it’s foolproof.

Skincare wipes – yes or no?

I like using a cleansing milk with cotton wool followed by our Floral Toning Lotion. My skin is quite dry and I find that the most hydrating method of cleansing.

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