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10 Chic Storage Solutions For All Your Spring Cleaning Needs

When we think ‘spring clean’, we think: rolling up our sleeves, armed with a coterie of cleaning products to dispel our homes of  dust and debris. It’s also time to consider organising that long-standing clutter with stylish storage solutions.

Now our homes double up as an office, gym, and, for a short while, classroom too, it’s easy for stuff to accumulate. Here’s our edit of our favourite storage solutions to shop now, allowing us to free up some space and reinstate our homes as havens of calm.


The Cambridge Satchel Company is a beloved British brand that champions craftsmanship. Launching with its iconic satchels – which are still a core offering – they've also ventured into homeware, in the form of their very smart trunks. This steamer trunk has an old-world feel, which we love. Available in a multitude of colours from sunny yellow to deep burgundy, the black leather version, replete with brass hardware, is a classic. Perfectly sized to store children’s toys, bed linen, and towels, it's a chic addition to any bedroom. 


An upholstered ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture, which can function as a coffee table, footstool, or bench. This Arlo & Jacob square ottoman is available in a variety of decorative fabric coverings, making it a perfect living room centre piece. The rich green velvet is suitably decadent and roomy enough to discreetly stash any accumulated mess.


Our desk set-ups should hopefully look a little more put together thanks to the CF guide to curating your home office, but for those still scrambling for a pen mid-call, or a misplaced important document, it’s time to get organised once and for all. Look to Matilda Goad for her colourful trays, or OKA for ornate box files. A tidy workspace will help focus the mind on the task at hand.


Yes, you could pick those souless transparent plastic boxes, but who said storage solutions couldn't also spark joy? These cheap and cheerful colourful crates from Danish homeware brand HAY have endless uses: from containing charger cables that are forever getting tangled, to rogue pieces of lego, or even vegetables. Stick to a colour theme or invest in an eclectic mix of peach, olive green, and navy.


A spring wardrobe clear-out may be high on your to do list right now. These nifty packing cubes from purveyors of fine luggage, Paravel, not only make packing so easy, but can be put to good use the other 95% of the year, organising your clothes. Rotating your wardrobe? Sling your thick knits into one of these cubes. Never able to find two socks that match? Pack neatly in one of these to shave time off your morning routine.


A jolly bedside table, care of Ceraudo, is not only great for sweeping up bedside clutter (pre-requisite silk eye mask, pillow spray, and various beauty tinctures include) but also peps up neutral interiors. The chintzy curtain can be changed to a different fabric to suit your personal palette, and discretly conceals the contents inside.


If your carefully arranged curation of magazines has overstepped the line from artsy to messy, it’s time to invest in a chic magazine holder. This gold brass one looks like an objet you’d happily put on display by itself. It's perfectly sized for you to display magazines and other high-brow literature you wish to show off.


A well-kept pantry is infinitely more desirable, especially with these colourful glass jars from Pols Potten – perfect for pasta, tea bags, and spices. They work equally well as pen pots, or for housing Q-Tips on the bathroom shelf too. 


Rattan is the bohemian-inspired interiors trend with staying power, so you won’t regret this storage basket from H&M Home. Add a couple to your wardrobe to condense your shoe or bag collection. It also makes for an excellent reciptical to store hairdryers and other tools.


There is no excuse for lost earrings or misplaced keys with this beautiful trinket box from Richard Ginori. Perfectly sized to store daily minutiae, it also makes an excellent decorative addition to sideboards and mantlepieces too.

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