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Meet Vashi, The Game Changer Of The Fine Jewellery World

Vashi is the fine jewellery brand challenging the status quo.

CEO and Founder, Vashi Dominguez, is something of a trailblazer. The entrepreneur saw a unique opportunity to modernise a staid industry. Disenchanted by expensive supply chains and faceless customer relations, he set about creating Vashi. The result? A personable fine jewellery brand with heart and soul, firmly focused on co-creation with the customer.

Creating personal and unique pieces imbued with meaning, Vashi offers responsibly created, hand-crafted designs at a fair price. Their ethos – “better jewellery in a better way” – tells us everything we need to know.

Here are six reasons to fall in love with Vashi….

In Partnership With Vashi

1.Their ready-to-wear collection offers something for everyone

Self-gifting is a trend with staying power. As we re-enter normality, we are looking to Vashi’s contemporary ready-to-wear collections for understated elegance to elevate the everyday. Rendered from platinum and 18k gold, with or without diamonds, Vashi offers choice across a range of tastes and price points.

We are particularly fond of their Connections collection: the pared-back, geometric pieces are designed to be layered and stacked to create your own signature look. The latest addition, Lovestrike, stays true to the Vashi brand codes of jewellery imbued with meaning; the sinuous shapes resemble love in all forms, punctuated by a smattering of diamonds (of course). These collections have been carefully designed with personalisation in mind, and can be finished with an initial, memorable date, or secret message to make your purchase distinctly yours.

2. Their engagement jewellery is perfect for modern brides

Vashi appreciates that an engagement ring, and subsequent wedding ring, are two of the most emotive pieces of jewellery you’ll ever wear. With this in mind, their elegant selection of bridal jewellery offers something for the most discerning of types. You may find your perfect pairing in the contemporary collection – from simply chic solitaire rings, to dazzling halo settings – but there is the option to customise and make your piece further bespoke with the Vashi design team.

3. The shopping experience is as important as the product

Whether buying an engagement ring, or finding a piece to commemorate a special moment, Vashi appreciates this is a landmark purchase driven by emotion. What’s more they believe the shopping experience should be just as special as the final product.

Have you ever walked into a jewellery store, flanked by the intimidating presence of security guards, and felt an overwhelming pressure to buy? Dissatisfied with this experience, Dominguez set about creating a brand consumers would find approachable, open, and warm, both in-store and online. Browsing is actively encouraged, and anyone can enjoy an informal masterclass. Walking you through all the elements to consider when selecting a piece of jewellery – this is where the fun truly begins…

4. Vashi makes bespoke jewellery accessible

Founded on the notion that something you make is better than something you have bought, the brand’s signature Vashi Creation Process is integral to every piece. Whilst bespoke jewellery has previously been elitist, Vashi strives to make this market more accessible, pushing the boundaries of what fine jewellery can offer.

The customer is positioned right at the very heart of the creation process, empowered to co-create something truly one-of-a-kind with the help of world-class Vashi craftspeople. From personalisation with a simple initial, to customising an engagement ring by selecting the perfect stone, the precious metal, and the setting, there are endless possibilities. There’s also the option to go fully bespoke: whether you have artistic flair and wish to bring an original sketch to life, or are starting from zero, the in-house team will ensure your jewellery is as unique as you are.

5. Vashi has disrupted the traditional supply chain

Vashi has disrupted the traditional supply chain by bringing the manufacturing workshop into each of their six stores. This unprecedented method leverages costly mark ups, meaning Vashi can offer price points to suit ever budget, without compromising on quality.

Through this innovative move, Vashi has pulled back the curtain on the creative process. Customers gain transparency and unparalleled access to the making of their piece every step of the way, and can even join the brand’s craftspeople at the bench to set the stone or add those finishing touches. All the makings for a truly memorable experience.

6. Vashi champions transparency and ethical practice

More than ever before, customers want to know the provenance of their jewellery. Through Dominguez’s illustrious 20 years in the diamond industry, Vashi can guarantee that their diamonds are conflict-free, ethically sourced, and of the utmost quality. Customers can buy with full confidence: hand-picking their gemstone from the expansive in-house selection. Vashi delivers refreshing transparency to a previously elusive industry. What’s more, all pieces are made to order locally from the in-store workshop and 100% of gold used is recycled, to minimise environmental impact.

Ready to begin your own journey in creating a bespoke piece of fine jewellery? Vashi’s unique experience is offered either as a virtual consultation via their website at any time, or in person at one of their stores from April 12. Vashi currently has six stores across the UK, and look forward to welcoming customers to their new flagship Covent Garden store later this spring. Set across two floors this will be Vashi’s largest store yet, with a state-of-the-art workshop as the key focus, firmly inviting customers into the co-creation process as ever.

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