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CF's Summer Guide

How To Get Better Sleep This Summer: Find The Right Mattress For You

As the mercury rises in the UK, many of us are finding it increasingly challenging to doze off come evening. Between weekend plans swirling in our heads and the clammy surrounds brought about after a day of intense sun, it’s time to reassess our sleeping situation with some tips on how to get better sleep this summer.

Wondering what the secret to a good night’s sleep is – particularly during a heatwave? Firstly, it’s important to stay comfortable and cool. That means buying the best quality mattress you can afford and making sure your pillows are comfortable. It’s also a good idea to consider sleep accessories that utilise new technologies, which can help keep your bedroom cool and quiet.

“In order to sleep well there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our body and brain, in other words, a warm body and a cool head!” – Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight’s Resident Sleep Expert.

Other tips (according to Dr. Ramlakhan) for getting a comfortable, refreshing night’s sleep in the heat include:

  1. “Stop your bedroom from over-heating during the day by keeping curtains and blinds closed.”
  2. “Use light bed sheets and a low tog duvet to ensure your bed temperature stays low.”
  3. “Stay well hydrated during the day.”
  4. “Use a fan and place it so the air is blowing over a tray of ice – this will cool the room down as the ice begins to melt.”
  5. “Don’t fret too much if you can’t sleep – use the time to rest and think positive thoughts and you’ll soon drift off.”

Armed with our key sleep essentials – including some great anti-allergen and wellbeing products – and Dr. Ramlakhan’s sage advice, we’ve begun to develop a much-improved sleep routine. Scroll on to discover what we’ve added to our bedrooms to ensure we’re sleeping more soundly this summer…

In partnership with Silentnight


Similar to the relief brought on by a cold flannel to the back of the neck on balmy summer nights, this cool-touch pillow does one better. Its cooling gel pad works to absorb excess body heat to create a natural cooling effect and is pressure activated – which helps prevent overheating, FYI. Firmness is medium (ideal if you sleep on your side or back) and the Cool Touch Pillow is also machine washable – so it's super easy to care and clean.


Having waxed lyrical about the wonders of Silentnight's Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow, it would be remiss not to mention the complimenting pillowcase. Though usable with any pillow, it's the dynamism of these two items combined that really gets us excited. Part of Silentnight's Wellbeing Collection – which has been designed specifically with your sleep wellness in mind – calm and restfulness are top priority.



Chill your pillowcase in the freezer before getting into bed. – Dr Nerina Ramlakhan


The benefits of a perfectly made, comfortable bed are not to be underestimated. Unwind with Silentnight’s duvet sets – available in a choice of classic colours (we’re crushing on their sage and blush versions) to suit your bedroom. Crafted from beautifully soft microfibre, theses sets are washing-machine friendly; which is a good thing, particularly where sand and sunscreen (and other summer trademarks) are concerned. If the summer sun has tuckered you out and the thought of laundry leaves you in need of a lie down, you’ll be glad to know that no ironing is required with these sheets, due to the easy care properties of the fabric.

Do you have a summer duvet? You should. Your investment will help revitalise your sleep routine


Allergies are often at their peak in summer, but investing in some anti-allergy bedding can help prevent allergy symptoms, while also keeping your sleeping space feeling fresh and clean. Go all out and purchase this set, which includes an anti-allergy duvet (available in single, double, and king sizes), pillows, and a mattress protector. Not only does it have our seal of approval, it is also approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

While daylight hours are one of summer’s greatest gifts, for lights sleepers, early morning light can spark a cycle of restless sleep.


Do you have a summer duvet? You should. Your investment will help revitalise your sleep routine. In the warmer months, we recommend you choose a duvet with a tog rating between 1.0 and 4.5 for optimum comfort. This Anti-Allergy Duvet is available in single, double, and king size; choose tog value of 4.5 for enhanced summer snoozing. Machine washable at 40C and filled with anti-bacterial, anti-allergy fibres, it's a double thumbs up from us.


Heatwave or otherwise, if you’re not equipped with the right mattress you can wave goodbye to a sound night’s sleep. Actively responding to your body as you sleep – so you wake up fully energised – Silenight’s Geltex Pocket 2000 mattress is all about premium comfort (note the gel-infused 4cm comfort layer). Incorporating Active Response technology, that allows for greater 'bounce back' to support easy movement through the night, it also features a breathable open cell structure that lets air pass through the mattress and helps prevent overheating. Genius.


Less cumbersome that other models on the market – note its slimline design – Silentnight's dehumidifier is a godsend as the seasons change. Removing excess water from the surrounding air, dehumidifiers keep humidity levels down. They can also help to reduce respiratory system irritation, allowing you to breathe easier and therefore feel more comfortable while you sleep. What's more, the device is fully portable and boasts a tank capacity of two litres. Double tick.

Stop your bedroom over-heating during the day by keeping curtains and blinds closed. – Dr Nerina Ramlakhan


Just because it's summer, doesn't mean life is 100% carefree. To help ease anxiety and stress, try a therapeutic weighted blanket. Silentnight's Weighted Wellbeing Blanket helps to relax the nervous system. Effectively, the blanket feels like a hug – which eases anxiety, stress, and encourages deep and restful sleep. When purchased as part of a Wellbeing Bundle, you'll also receive two smart pillows – interwoven with smart carbon threads that cleanse your body of electrostatic charges and help to restore balance. A package shown to help ease muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase happy hormones, who doesn't want to wake up happier and, potentially, stress free?

it’s like having a beauty treatment while you sleep.


While daylight hours are one of summer's greatest gifts, for light sleepers, early morning light can spark a cycle of restless sleep. To counter this, try adding a silk eye mask to your sleep routine – it helps to block out light so you can get a deeper, restful night's sleep. This one is sumptuously soft, made of 100% natural silk with a premium 22 momme count. Silk itself boast many natural beauty benefits and can even help rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes; it's like having a beauty treatment while you sleep.


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