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An Insider Guide To Brazil With Vanda Jacintho

Vanda Jacintho grew up in Brazil, where she enjoyed an idyllic childhood, “riding horses, feeding baby lambs, giving corn to chickens, climbing trees, and eating fruit from the tree.”

The lush Brazilian jungle-like countryside, bursting with colour and wildlife, serves as a strong inspiration for Vanda’s eponymous label, comprising sculptural jewellery and striking ready-to-wear pieces. Travel is a common thread through her collections. Indeed, her signature silk panneaux are the perfect suitcase-ready additions and can be styled four ways: as a sarong, trousers, as a jumpsuit, and as a dress.

Based in London, but regularly returning to her family’s farm in the countryside, as well as São Paulo, Vanda Jacintho shares her expert tips for an unforgettable trip to Brazil.

Essential items to pack…

Panneaux, sarongs, and Havaiana flip-flops.

The best time to visit Brazil is…

January and February.

Our first pitstop should be…

São Paulo.

For an early morning workout head to…

Parque Ibirapuera for a jog.

Your favourite hotel to check-in at is…

Hotel Fasano São Paulo.

Where should we go for breakfast?

Santo Grão for the best coffee.

How about for a long, lazy lunch?

Michelin-starred Gero, always.

And for dinner with friends?

Komah: a new Korean restaurant in town with amazing food and best drinks.

A must-try spot for date night?

Terraço Itália.


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Your favourite restaurant in town?

A Casa Do Porco bar in Downtown is a great option for a budget restaurant. For a blow-out meal, Makoto has delicious Japanese food.

Where should we head post-dinner?

Frank Bar, in the Maksoud Plaza Hotel.

The drink to order at the bar?

A Negroni, always.

The best place to treat yourself?

The Amanary Spa at the Grand Hyatt São Paulo.

The best place for people watching…

The Iguatemi mall, or Bar da Dona Onça.


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The cultural spot to rave about…

D-Edge and Madame are landmark nightclubs.

Your favourite neighbourhood is…

Downtown and Pinheiros.

The place only locals know about is…

Mercadão: it’s a market for food. It sells typical Brazilian food and exotic fruits.

For the best views head to…

Terraço Itália.


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For a change of pace try…

Corumbau Beach in Bahia.

A book to read before we go (or while we’re there)?

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.

What’s your Berlin secret?

Go to Feira do Bixiga: it’s a vintage market open on Sundays. Stay for a while, hopping from bar to bar, trying the Cachaça (a local spirit) and street food.

In a word Brazil is…


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