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A Seat At The Bar: Paradiso, Barcelona

In our new column, A Seat At The Bar we showcase the world’s best bars – from plush cocktail spots to dive bars, and everything in-between.

This week, we’re spotlighting the uber-hip Paradiso, Barcelona.

The Lowdown 

Paradiso feels like one of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets. Hidden behind a local pastrami shop, the ‘fridge’ doorway leads you to a speakeasy serving some of the best cocktails in the world.

Located in the trendy neighbourhood of El Born, Paradiso opened its doors back in 2016 and has acquired an impressive number of accolades since. Unlike most award-winning bars across the globe, Paradiso has mastered making great cocktails without compromising on the fun – from light-up menus and Dalí-esque interiors, to a killer party playlist, it is certain to bring the fiesta!

What To Order

We are all partial to a bit of novelty glassware, and Paradiso has it in abundance. From ice-cream cones to hot-air balloons, the drinking vessels are obscure – and the ingredients inside will certainly raise an eyebrow too. Drinks made from sheep’s milk kefir and chocolate tobacco feature on the menu. If you’re more into fruity and refreshing serves, try the ‘bacco per bacco’. Served in a grapevine glass, the cocktail is made with gin macerated with fermented vine leaves, French aperitif, génépy, grapefruit cordial, green apple, and aloe vera soda – perfect for those hot Spanish nights.

Who To Bring

Unlike most other European cities, Barcelona sits right on the coast, meaning you can split your time between exploring the city and chilling out on the beach. Grab your group of besties and plan a weekend getaway packed with sunshine and cocktails, including a trip to Paradiso, of course. Why not add a bit of theatre and make it a trip to remember by booking onto one of their cocktail masterclasses?

When To Go

The bar is open from 7PM – 1AM daily, so it’s the ideal spot for pre- and post-dinner drinks. Like most places in Barcelona, the bar gets more energy as the night goes on, so we’d recommend stopping by for a nightcap or two after dinner. Being based in the El Born neighbourhood means there’s also plenty of surrounding bars to pop into if you fancy carrying the party on into the night.

The Dress Code

Barcelona is blessed with an above-average climate, especially throughout the summer months. If you’re on a summer city break, a trip to Paradiso is the perfect opportunity to show off your sun-kissed skin in something cool and chic. As mentioned, the bar is brimming with fun energy, so why not match your outfit accordingly with some bright and bold prints?

The CF Tip(ple)

With Paradiso having quite the reputation around town and no ability to book ahead, you may likely be queuing outside for a seat at the bar. Our CF tip(ple) – always pack a brolly and go in comfy shoes; you certainly don’t want to ruin your makeup with a sudden downpour…


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