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The Fourth Trimester: A Survival Guide

The three trimesters are often the only ones talked about, but what about the fourth trimester?

Many women have felt unprepared for the physical trials of the postpartum period. From the joy and overwhelm of caring for this new creation to the unglamorous adult diapers and kegel exercises.

For baby, after the comfort and warmth of being in the womb, life in the outside world can be unsettling. Newborns undertake a steep learning curve during the fourth trimester, entirely reliant on their parents for food and comfort, unable to move around independently.

To help navigate this next phase for both mum and baby, and make life a little easier during these transitional months, we’ve rounded up all the items you’ll need from Mori’s zip-up sleepsuits to HatchGal’s comfy kimonos.

HatchGal’s Comfy Clothes

This light nursing kimono top from HatchGal comes in the softest gauze, making feeding on-the-go easier (and prettier too). Pair with matching bottoms – a straight leg, pull-on pant with an elastic waistband is just the ticket. With comfort like this, you’ll probably be living in this set day and night.

Mori’s Sleepsuits


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Little ones will have the sweetest dreams in MORI’s ‘Kind Zip-Up Sleepsuit’. Made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric, this super-soft sleepsuit has a concealed zip on the front (so no faffing with buttons), making changing and naptime that little bit easier. Note to mums: these sleepsuits come with fold-over scratch mitts and feet for babies – we suggest you make them  a staple in your mini-me’s wardrobe.

Since perfecting clothing for baby, Mori have now introduced clothing for mama. mama by MORI has all the essential leggings to jumpsuits to nightgowns. Throughout the pregnancy and well into the fourth trimester, MORI has you covered,

Baby Bjorn’s Bouncer


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An everyday hero, these ergonomic baby bouncers from Baby Bjorn naturally rock your babe without the need for batteries. Your baby can play safely and comfortably in the bouncer, while you get a chance to take a shower, make a cup of tea… or just take five minutes for yourself. Suitable for newborns up to two-years old, as your baby grows (and learns how to control the rocking), the bouncer becomes even more fun, while also stimulating your baby’s balance and motor skills. What’s more, the bouncer is lightweight and portable – you can easily take the foldable device with you when travelling with baby, or visiting a friend’s house for dinner (child distractor in tow).

DockATot’s Nursing Pillow


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Feed and bond with your baby using DockATot – a nursing pillow that could easily be mistaken for a stylish accent cushion. Made from easy-clean velvet (with concealed zipper), this cradling pillow curves around the body to support baby or mum’s arms during nursing sessions. Post-feed, you won’t mind leaving this chic nursing pillow out on the couch when company stops by.

Seraphine’s Nursing Bras


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Comfort is king – the last thing you want to fuss over as a new parent is your clothing. This doesn’t mean mum has to sacrifice feeling good. When it comes to nursing bras, Seraphine gets it just right. Ultra-soft and seamless, with a truly flexible fit, these maternity and nursing bras are a must before, during, and after pregnancy. Made in the softest bamboo viscose, they are hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Offering a seamless, flexible fit, they adapt to your changing shape throughout pregnancy, and easily accommodate your daily fluctuations before and after feeding.

Lansinoh’s Breast Pads And Cream


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Recommended by mums and midwives, this magical cream is every mum’s saviour. Made from high-grade, 100% pure lanolin, the cream provides instant relief for sore nipples, and, as it’s an all-natural product, you don’t need to worry about removing any excess before breastfeeding. When you’re not sure you can face another feed, even when you are more practiced, this soothing cream is just the ticket. It just works!

Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil

There’s a reason mums rave about this product. It’s the holy grail for women pre and post pregnancy. Clarins’  firming body oil is the go-to to smooth the appearance of stretch marks – quite simply put, liquid gold in a bottle. It’s better than simply any anti-stretch mark oil, thanks to the properties of the hazelnut oil and pure plant extracts (rosemary, geranium, mint). Apply to damp skin over the entire body or concentrate on problem areas – lightly massage, then using the shower hose followed with a quick spritz of cool water to increase oil absorption. Grab that 5 minutes when you can, it’s well worth it.


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Mamas And Papas’ Nursing Chair


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The soothing rocking motion of a nursing chair will help to calm even the most fractious of babies and is often part and parcel of getting little ones to sleep. The Mamas & Papas rocking chair from their Bowdon and Hilston collections have been specifically designed and tested to fit the shape of your body – making for a comfortable experience for all. The high back and arm rests fit to your body, while classic rocking legs, soft upholstered seating, and padded footstool help to ease weary and swollen feet. Choose the colour of your chair – from mustard to duck egg – to suit any interior.

Weleda’s Calendula Nappy Change Cream


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What began as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden, is now a globally recognised brand for organic and natural cosmetics. Weleda’s ‘Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream’ – a gentle cream that nourishes and soothes skin, protecting the nappy area – is their hero product. Made with baby-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide, alongside its namesake organic calendula extract, almond oil, and chamomile, the emollient forms a protective barrier against excessive, rash-causing moisture. Keeping the nappy area smooth, supple, and happy, users can feel safe in the knowledge that their baby is being caressed by the best possible formula, loved by midwives and (we assume) babies alike!

The Tot’s Play And Learn Set

From day one, your baby begins to take in the world around them. From strengthening their eyesight to acknowledging sounds and discovering textures, their minds are busy making important synaptic connections. You can help them reach important developmental milestones like focusing, tracking an object, reaching, grasping, and shaking with The Tot Play And Learn Set, suitable for zero–three month olds.

Other Necessary Basics

Healthy snacks
Plenty of water
Large muslins

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