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Post-Flight Beauty: CF's Essentials

The ultimate CF guide to hydrating your complexion post-flight.

Your skin goes through a lot whilst flying, thanks to the re-circulated, extra dry air on board, which can lead to dryness and irritation. To counter this, arm yourself with an arsenal of skin-loving serums, moisturisers, and other elixirs to start your holiday with skin you’ll want to bare.

The Face Mist

The best face mists quickly cool and soothe, whilst also delivering key ingredients swiftly and effectively to the skin. This super-fine formula gives skin an instant moisture surge whilst revitalising the skin barrier. The addition of AHA-rich mombin plum and mango also gently exfoliates skin, improving the appearance of pores, as well as brightening dull and tired skin post-flight. 


This efficacious face wash is a Beauty Editor favourite. Packed to the gills with ceramides (to keep the skin barrier in tact) and hyaluronic acid (to lock in moisture), this creamy cleanser makes light work of make-up and oil build-up. Post-cleansing, skin feels soft and nourished, without even a hint of tightness.


No one will think you've just stepped off a seven-hour flight with this secret weapon. The comfortable hydrogel mask is heavily laced with enzymes, peptides, and caffeine, which work hard to get rid of water retention and de-puff, whilst also delivering that signature 111SKIN glow. Perfect for the time-poor, a wide-awake visage is a mere 10 minutes away thanks to this nifty sheet mask. I'm buying in bulk.


This serum supecharges your complexion, flooding skin with an instant surge of moisture. Comprising Vichy's famous Thermal Mineralising Water – rich in 15 essential minerals – with a high dose of hyaluronic acid, this featherlight serum offers juicy, plumped skin in just one pump. It will sit perfectly under your make-up or SPF too.


Tired and puffy eyes don't stand a chance with this hard-working cream. This particular formula is brimming with caffeine, gingseng root, and watermelon extract, alongside a cocktail of other wonder ingredients to brighten, de-puff, and offer superlative hydration. Sleep deprived? You? Not in the slightest.


This is the moisturiser I reach for whenever my skin feels particularly parched. With three types of hyaluronic acid, it delivers 72 hours of hydration and springy bounciness to skin. Zingy pineapple enzymes gently buff, while a triple-threat of ceramides, amino acids, and minerals work hard to strengthen the skin’s moisture barriers. The result? Well rested, dewy skin.


Lisa Franklin is very clever indeed. When she is not busy working on the tired faces of Londoners – turning out glowing complexions from her Knightsbridge salon –, she is developing an equally brilliant product range. The latest being this SPF, which is perfect for applying the minute you touch down. This genius sunscreen will repair epidermal jet lag thanks to the patented active ingredient CELLIGENT 2020, which treats UV-stressed skin.


If you are after a lip balm to treat chapped lips, rather than just sit atop them, look no further. This formula is decadently glossy, comprising of a medley of shea butter, hazelnut, sunflower, and plum oils to repair, hydrate, and plump. The delightfully thick texture means a little goes a long way, leaving lips with a delicious sheen. I have this product on me at all times, all year round. 


Multi-tasking products are always welcome in our travel bags, and this elixir offers ultimate versatility. Smooth frazzled hair by using it as a cossetting pre-shampoo treatment or simply stroke through the lengths of dry hair. You can also splash over skin post-shower to cultivate the softest, glossiest limbs, or ugrade your bath with a few skin-nourishing drops. 



This wondrous face mask will make you look as though you have just awoken from a 12-hour slumber, even if you are still adjusting to your current time zone. Utilising watermelon extract to sooth irritation, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and AHAs to gently buff skin, this pillow-proof gel will result in bouncy, baby-soft skin you won't be able to stop stroking.

Image credit: Codex Beauty

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