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From The Desk Of… Hermione Underwood

Hermione Underwood is something of an entrepreneurial powerhouse. There are a lot of slashes that could come after her job title, but, for today, let’s focus on her recent appointment as CEO of Australian health and wellness giant, JSHealth as it continues its global expansion.

Prior to joining JSHealth, Hermione worked for herself, consulting for luxury lifestyle brands as well as launching her own brands – both the jewellery brand, Atelier Romy and the independent wine label, Amie (the rosé that took Instagram by storm) were products of lockdown.

As for Hermione’s tips for building your own personal brand? “Stay true to yourself and think about how you’re serving others rather than how they can serve you.”

How do you start your days?

I wake to a Lumie light at around 6AM and start the day by meditating. I don’t look at my phone until I’ve showered, organised myself, and am ready for the day.

What’s your go-to uniform?

I live in a rotation of suits, trousers, and shirts. I’ll also wear loafers or smart sneakers.

Describe your workspace/ workplace…

I like my area to be clean and organised, with a few personal mementos.


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Identify something in your workspace that’s special to you (and why)…

My boyfriend picks me a flower every day that sits on my desk. Needless to say, he’s the ultimate romantic.

What are your workplace essentials?

A few Mac monitors, two sets of Airpods, coffee, and my JSHealth vitamins, of course.

What time of day are you at your most creative?

I work best in the morning.

What’s your go to lunch order?


Define your aesthetic…

Classic, masculine, and refined.


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What is the most rewarding part of the job?

Building a team of strong, kind, and ambitious young women, and seeing them grow and evolve daily, smashing their personal goals.

And the most challenging?

Achieving work-life balance.

What did you study in school/ university?

I studied a Bachelor of Business, Communications.

Where are you from originally?


What is the biggest career risk you’ve ever taken?

Moving to the UK in 2013, when my PR consultancy was doing really well in Sydney. I closed and left all of my businesses to join JSHealth. Both have been the best decisions I’ve ever made. As the old adage goes, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.


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Do you have a mentor or inspirational figure that has guided or influenced you?

My parents and my grandparents; in fact, my whole family. Everyone around me works extremely hard.

What were some hurdles you had to overcome in the earlier stages of your career thus far?

Not knowing and owning my worth.

What’s the most important business lesson you’ve learned?

It all pays off in the long-term, you just have to keep showing up and doing the work.

The best advice you’ve ever received…

My grandfather always used to say, “the harder I worked, the luckier I became”. I love his words and live by them.

What’s next for JS Health?

There is so much in the pipeline for us. We have experienced the most extraordinary response from the UK market, and with that comes mass expansion. Watch this space, because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have in store over the coming months.

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