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The CF Travel Playlists: OOO

We have compiled the best playlists for any travel occasion, whether you are relaxing on the beach or hosting a travel themed dinner party. There is a song for every moment here.

There is nothing quite like logging off from the 9-5 and stepping into the accelerating joy of going on a vacation. The happenstance, the adventure, the sense of never knowing what could be around every twist or turn…Nothing sets the mood like putting your headphones in on the way to the airport, ready to be whisked away into fantasy or whimsey at a moment’s notice. We have crafted a playlist that keeps the rhythm going throughout your trip, from funky KAYTRANADA beats and remixes on classics like “Hot In Here” for unique sounds to accompany every step of your journey. A soundtrack for a moment in a time, while also creating the time your moments can be remembered by.


To listen to Out of Office, visit Spotify.

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