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S3: 12 Journeys With...

12 Journeys With… Lucinda Chambers

From her first job, at age 13, working at a local newsagent – “because I wanted a TV at the end of my bed” – to her many years at VOGUE, and right up to today, Lucinda Chambers’ career path has been, like the lady herself, utterly compelling (and a little unpredictable too).


In Episode Two, Season Three, fashion maverick, Lucinda Chambers joins CF’s Sheena Bhattessa to discuss her life in the fashion industry. From the Vogue and ELLE years, to her more recent ventures as Co-Founder of both Coleville and Collagerie, Lucinda’s illustrious career is one of great colour and texture.

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Chambers got her first job at age 13, working at a newsagent – “because I wanted a TV at the end of my bed”. She worked for four years, being paid 25 pence per hour, to reach her goal. The experience set up a feeling in herself “that everything’s achievable if you work at it”.

Fostering a staunch work ethic early on, Chambers would go on to accumulate a number of job titles, including that of jewellery designer, part-time Topshop store assistant, and secretary, before landing the role of Beatrix Miller’s assistant. The opportunity would prove to be particularly significant, marking the first major step in Chambers’ career in fashion.


Photography: Kensington Leverne for Inigo

Photography: Kensington Leverne for Inigo

After a time at Vogue, Chambers left the title to become Grace Coddington’s assistant at ELLE – the week Chambers left Vogue, Miller retired, and Anna Wintour made her incoming. As Coddington’s assistant, Chambers learned a great deal – “her way of looking at the world had a really lasting impression on me”. Heady times followed, with Chambers’ ultimate return to Vogue – for a 25-year stint, no less – as Fashion Director. A shoot in Ladakh stands out as one of her most lasting fashion-related memories.


Photographed by Kensington Leverne

Photographed by Kensington Leverne

Fast forward to today, and Chambers is now Co-Founder of both Colville and Collagerie. The former, a considered fashion brand described as “the antithesis of fast fashion”; the latter, a shopping and inspiration e-comm platform, created alongside ex-Voguer, Serena Hood.

Idiosyncratic, eclectic, and maximalist, Chambers’ tastes are delightfully diverse – as both Colville and Collagerie can attest. “The trouble with me is, I like everything. I can see the point of everything. I can see the point of colour, I can see the point of neutrals, I love normcore, but I love Moroccan… there is nothing I don’t like.”

To listen to Chambers’ take on personal style, as well as her musings on fashion’s future and the pros/cons of social media, follow the links below.

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