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Curated By... Georgia Spray

Georgia Spray, of Partnership Editions and Partnership Editions Home, joins us for the latest instalment of Curated By…

Since its launch, Partnerships Editions has been our go-to for affordable art. Now, thanks to Spray’s innovative spirit it’s about to become our go-to for creative homewares too, with the first collection of Partnerships Editions Home available to shop now.

Debuting a collection of artist-designed homewares, from cushions to candlesticks, here, Spray shows us how you can effectively make your entire home a work of art.

How did you first get into design?

To date, I wouldn’t really have described my field as “design”, as my focus has always been much more on “fine art”. However, I’m very excited to be stepping into the design world with the launch of a new arm to my business – Partnership Editions Home. This will see our artists create a collection of hand-made homewares, each piece a unique work of art in its own right and in keeping with their individual styles.

After lockdown we have increasingly valued the importance of making our homes havens in which everything has a story to tell and can be a work of art. Many of our artists are also makers of beautiful pieces for the home, so this was a very natural development for Partnership Editions which has also allowed artists to push the boundaries of their practice and experiment with new materials and methods. Just like the Bauhaus movement or Bloomsbury Group, we’re celebrating the idea that art defies medium and can blur the boundary between form and function.

What was the catalyst that led to the creation of Partnership Editions?

The idea came about because I had worked in the art world for about six years in different high-end art institutions like Christie’s and The White Cube, and then for an art dealer who was selling very rare and unique works of art like Lucian Freuds or Francis Bacons – the sort of calibre that is very much in the millions. Whilst this was an incredible world to have a viewfinder into, I found that it was also very elitist, and impenetrable. I liked the idea of working more with people like myself who enjoy art but don’t have a huge amount to spend on it, as well as working with living and emerging artists. Partnership Editions started more as a test to see if there was an appetite for this level of art, and it has grown quite organically since it launched in 2017.

What is your design philosophy?

I am a firm believer in the idea that there should be no hierarchy within art and design. For a long time certain mediums and methods have been viewed as lesser forms of art, for example the term “craft” often has negative connotations, however I think we should appreciate the art in design and the design in art in equal measure.


Photography by Christopher Horwood

Photography by Christopher Horwood

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I’m not sure that I have a set aesthetic, which I suppose means I’d describe it as eclectic…? I tend to buy or collect art and objects because I love them, usually because they marry an interesting narrative or conceptual element with a strong and unique visual language.

Tell us more about your latest venture, Partnership Editions Home…  

As mentioned above, we are very excited to be launching Partnership Editions Home on the 27 October, which will see 12 of our existing artists venture into hand-made objects for the home. They have translated their creative talents to produce ceramics, lighting, table linens, candlesticks, wall hangings, and cushions. Similarly to the art platform, Partnership Editions Home will place emphasis on curation, quality, and collectible limited runs, available to buy throughout the year in a series of ‘Home Drops’ to complement the release of artworks.

Talk us through some of your favourite projects to date…

One of the most inspiring things I’ve worked on whilst at Partnership Editions was during lockdown at the very beginning of the pandemic. Like many businesses, we had to shut down our busy schedule of events and think about ways to still engage with our audience in an appropriate and relevant way. We came up with a series of online life drawing classes run by our artists with tickets going to the Trussel trust, a food bank charity that particularly supported those in need during the pandemic.


Photography by Christopher Horwood

Photography by Christopher Horwood

List some designers, artists, and makers you really admire and tell us why you admire them…

It’s always so difficult to single out certain artists that I admire, working with so many talented ones, but I am very excited about the fact that we have recently started working with more ceramic artists. In particular, I’m excited about the artist-couple, Pollyanna Johnson and Joseph Dupre. Whilst their ceramic practices are quite different, with Pollyanna focusing mainly on very detailed painted plates depicting women from art historical painting, and Joseph on more sculptural figurines usually of people and animals, they are both very interested in the absurdity and humour inspired by art historical references throughout the ages.

Some of your favourite places to shop for homewares…

I love buying things on eBay, on travels abroad, and via Tat London.

How does travelling influence your tastes? 

Whenever I travel I tend to bring something back from that place for my home. I love the fact that these items remind me of that place and the memories of that trip as well as the fact that it brings a mix of cultures and design styles to my home. Whilst it creates the eclectic look I mentioned earlier, it is also amazing to see how different cultures and styles cross reference each other often but create a unique aesthetic.

What are some tips you have on how our readers can bring a touch of Partnership Editions Home magic into their homes?

Check out the launch of Partnership Editions Home from 27 October, a great way to start your collection with pieces starting from just £70. Remember that art can exist beyond the walls, from your cushions to your candlesticks.


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