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Beauty Haul Diaries

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Nataliya Robinson

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience a facial in the expert hands of Nataliya Robinson at her discreet Chelsea clinic knows she more than lives up to her reputation as the ‘Skin Whisperer’…

Having suffered from acne as a teenager, Nataliya became interested in skincare and facials from an early age. She went on to study skincare and naturopathic nutrition and eventually opened her own clinic in Russia. Nataliya takes a fully holistic approach to skincare and wellness: ‘”Holistic beauty is not only what you are applying on your skin , it’s also about your everyday life habits such as: taking regular exercise, going for a walk to improve your lymphatic flow, or deep breathing exercises when you feel anxiety.”

Her award-winning product line, Quantum Botanika, launched a few years ago, much to the delight of her loyal customers. Botanically based, with elements of Chinese Medicine, these products feel as good as they smell.

Equipped with her space-saving natural skincare tips we delve into Nataliya Robinson’s travel psyche…

What are your must do beauty rituals/treatments before you travel?

Three weeks before I travel, I prepare my skin by exfoliating it with dermabrasion and manual extractions of blackheads. I concentrate on maximising hydration and apply topical antioxidants such as: grape seed extracts, aloe vera, shitaki mushrooms, and bilberry extracts. It’s important to hydrate your skin before you travel, especially when going to a different climate and the flight is long; hydrated skin can better protect itself from harsh environments – think sun, air conditioning, and cabin pressure – much more effectively. Antioxidants are very important too for the same reason.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I like to keep my beauty routine very practical and simple. When travelling, the upper layer of our skin faces so many different challenges so I always pay extra attention to my cleansing regime. The Quantum Botanika Cleansing Balm is the only cleanser I use. If I use SPF then I will use a simple one with a gel-like base but always follow up with my cleansing balm to help maintain the upper layer of my skin and avoid causing red and inflamed skin. Also, plain Greek style yoghurt – that I pick up at breakfast – is my companion when I travel. My skin loves it! I use it as a face mask to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. 



What is the best way to down-size your beauty products for travel?

Remember that skin sometimes needs to detox too, so it’s good to apply nothing for a few days to give your skin a ‘holiday break’. There are lots of natural remedies you can use too. If you get spots during your travels, simply purchase some aspirin. You can crush this into a powder, add a bit of yoghurt, then apply directly onto your spot. You can wash your face with honey – this is great cleanser and antioxidant – and coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser.

Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples? And why?

I prefer to use a full-size products made of glass, to be more environmentally friendly.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

I usually prepare my skin before getting on the plane. If my flight is long, I will wash my face in the middle of the journey and reapply the cream. I hydrate my lips and the skin around my eyes with the lip balm to help it retain moisture during the flight.


What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far and why?

The Maldives is my favourite destination. I love having a massage while watching the fish swimming beneath me. The atmosphere is so relaxing and magical that even something as simple as walking on the soft golden sands can induce a zen-like state of mind.

How do you unwind on holiday?

On holiday I try to read books that are not related to my skincare business! I also like exploring the local plants and florals, it’s very relaxing.

How do you overcome jet-lagged skin/eyes when you land?

For the first two days I force myself to wake up and have breakfast at local time. In the evening I go to bed at local time too to help reduce jet-lag symptoms. I wait a week until I start doing any facials or introduce any harsher products into my skincare regime. I always give my skin time to recover before I treat it .


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What’s been your favourite country to shop for homegrown beauty products? 

Morocco. I bought the best oils made from roses.

What are your top beauty tips when travelling?

Keep it minimal. Just wash, moisturise, and protect.


Travel light or over-packer?


Spa facial or massage?


Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Fake tan or au naturel?

Au naturel

Desert island beauty product? 

Spot Solution by Quantum Botanika

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