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The Beauty Haul Diaries: Inge Theron of FaceGym

Did you know the face has over 40 muscles? Beauty-journalist-turned-entrepreneur, Inge Theron, is the wonder woman we can credit for the iconic FaceGym facial which treats these muscles to a serious cardio workout.

Inge Theron was writing her column ‘Spa Junkie’ for the Financial Times How To Spend It when the first idea for FaceGym came into fruition. “I realised quite early on in my beauty writing career that there was a huge white space between traditional product-heavy facials and advanced injectable treatments. Facial muscle manipulation, facial massage, and tools, played a tiny part in traditional facials, yet this made the biggest difference to my appearance.” And so, FaceGym was born. FaceGym studio workouts provide instant lifting, toning, and tightening, as well as a glowing complexion. The combination of deep-tissue massage, and fast-paced cardio movements with high-tech tools also boosts lymphatic drainage for serious sculpting – take our word for it, these workouts are utterly addictive.

Travel is integral to Theron: “That’s where I get all my inspiration. I usually start the year in Asia. I will do a round trip to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong for work, and then, if possible, I take a quick three-day spiritual break.”

Equipped with her wonder serums and FaceGym tools for on-the-go sculpting, we delve into Inge Theron’s travel beauty regime…

What are your must do beauty rituals/treatments before you travel?

If I can, I always head into a FaceGym studio for a Cryo Oxygen workout, it’s brilliant for pumping my skin brim-full with hydration – especially if I’m off on a long-haul flight. I’m militant after the workout and keep the product on for the duration of the flight, only topping up with a face mist in-flight. This ensures I arrive really glowing and ready for anything. If I can’t get a slot I always take my two signature serums with me: Hydro-Bound Daily Serum and follow this up with my oil-in-serum Youth Reformer , which is packed with a high grade vitamin C and an amazing palo santo nootropic, which really calms my mind ready for the flight. I also use my Multi-Sculpt tool for lymphatic drainage, to avoid puffiness from the cheeky couple of glasses of champagne.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

If it’s a business trip – and both on-board luggage and time are scarce – I will pack my tools and have them do the heavy-lifting. I don’t leave home without the Hyaluronic Roller and FaceGym Pro, which get great results fast, and fit easily in hand luggage on the plane. When I am on holiday I tend to bring a lot more products. I check a bag just for skin, body, and hair products.


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What is the best way to down-size your beauty products for travel?

Buy a smaller, really convenient bag. That usually helps to focus the mind on the essentials.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

The air on planes can be so drying, so first and foremost I make sure I have a fresh water bottle to stay hydrated on the flight. Next, I like to apply a hydrating toner,  like Royal Fern Skin Perfecting Essence, and lock in that moisture with the Allies of Skin Promise Keeper to prevent breakouts (which the stress of travel can often bring on).

Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples? And why?

I tend to mix and match, but primarily for short trips I’ll take a sample kit.


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What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far and why?

It’s impossible to choose just one, but my favourite place for spas is Mexico and Thailand.  They both have such a unique wellness culture. Mexico adds a spiritual element, and Thailand is brilliant for detox and weight loss.

How do you unwind on holiday?

I love shopping for local products, especially ceramics and anything I can use for tablescaping. I love hosting at home and any bits I can bring home from my travels usually end up on the table. I also love paddleboarding and hiking,  not to mention frequenting the best local spa!

How do you overcome jet-lagged skin/eyes when you land?

Good Day chocolate melatonin supplements, to ensure I get a great night’s sleep. I also used the FaceGym Multi-Sculpt to reduce puffiness under the eyes and boost circulation.


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What’s been your favourite country to shop for homegrown beauty products? 


What are your top beauty tips when travelling?

Keep it minimal. I’m such a fan of MERIT:  the beauty products are compact – so easily fit in my carry-on – and you can do a flawless natural look in under five minutes. I also tend to go for multi-use products, such as a tinted SPF, to even skin tone whilst staying protected from the sun.

What’s on your beauty wish list right now?

I’ve preordered the new HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket. I love the healing properties infrared saunas provide, and can’t wait to soak in all the benefits from my own home.


Travel light or over-packer?


Spa facial or massage?

Facial massage!

Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Fake tan or au naturel?

Au naturel.

Desert island beauty product? 

FaceGym Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser.

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