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Beat Blue Monday With These Colourful Buys

Banish the January Blues with a serotonin-boosting purchase.


Whether you want to instil joy through ‘dopamine dressing’ or wish to inject some colour into your interiors to banish the January Blues, the connection between colour and mood is potent.

According to Constance Hart, Colour Therapy Expert and Founder of Conscious Colors and Color Aroma, “Colours are always affecting our psyche, nervous system, and moods, even if we’re not aware of this”. In fact, you can manifest a state of mind through a carefully selecting of colours – “Universally, we agree that pale blue has a calming effect, whereas bright red is stimulating”, notes Constance.

Today is ‘Blue Monday’, AKA the most depressing day of the annual calendar. So we asked Constance to share the best colours to channel a sunshine state of mind. “The best mood-boosting hues are yellow, orange, pale violet, bright magenta, and turquoise. Yellow and orange are emotional uplifters – in colour therapy we consider them our natural anti-depressants.”

Many of us hoped to return from the Christmas break firing on all cylinders, when, in fact, the first couple of weeks of January post-festive frivolities may have proven to be a bit of an uphill battle. According to Constance, “Pale violet and bright magenta can offer a pick-me-up for your mind, whilst turquoise is extra-inspiring for a creativity boost.”

If you are looking for a change of direction in the new year, “Self-confidence can be cultivated through a combination of pink, gold, and yellow. Pink helps you with self-acceptance and develop some self love and allowing. Gold helps you to be centred in present time. Yellow helps you gain clarity about who you are and champion your uniqueness.”

Now you know the science of colour therapy, scroll through for our favourite colour-popping pieces…

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