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Seven Travel Trends We’re Forecasting For 2022

Wondering what’s trending on the travel scene this year?

We’ve forecast how and where people will be travelling in 2022 – it’s time to get prepped for a year of great adventures.

Spontaneous Travel

If the thought of booking a trip last-minute leaves you with an uneasy feeling, we’re here to tell you, you’re increasingly in the minority. The trend for last-minute bookings is on the incline this year, with people now taking a more spontaneous approach to travel. Whilst domestic travel is likely to be planned slightly further ahead of time – we’ve our hearts set on a trip to Gleneagles Townhouse in 2022 – international travel bookings are reportedly coming through increasingly close to the wire. That said – who’s up for a trip to Athens next weekend?

The Great Outdoors

Nature-focused holidays and outdoorsy destinations remain in demand for 2022. Countering the (too) many months we have spent cooped up indoors, we’re itching to get back out into the wild. This year, we’re gearing up for coastal road trips – think Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and the Pacific Coast Hideaway – with pitstops planned at key surf spots and some beachfront camping factored in.

Work-Free Holidays

Workcations proved a popular way to approach travel in 2021 with 9-to-5’ers embracing a work-from-anywhere mentality. However, in 2022, with burnout at an all-time high, people’s need to travel in order to recharge and properly switch off is crucial. In attempts to alleviate pandemic-related stress, digital detoxes and disconnecting for a bit are taking priority. The best place to disconnect? Somewhere very remote – top of our list: the Cayman Islands.

Multi-Stop Travel

This year, people are planning to maximise their trips abroad, stretching their allocated annual leave (and wallets) by booking multiple trips back-to-back. A more budget-friendly and sustainable approach to travel, given that people are likely to take fewer flights travelling from place to place by road and rail after touching down in their chosen destination. Multi-trips like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, or Lisbon and Porto (by way of Cascais) are currently tempting us.


Our saving grace in 2021: staycations. Unsurprisingly, staycationing is likely to remain just as popular this year. The pandemic, as well as an increased consciousness around travel are likely to be the key drivers of this continuing trend. In 2022, we’re excited to explore lesser-known parts of the UK, in favour of fewer queues and new experiences. That said, we’d also wager that coastal towns like St Ives, Whitby, and Salcombe will continue to be uber-popular – best to book your summer staycation ASAP.


Hoping to offset the effects of the pandemic? From stress to sedentary lifestyles, there’s a lot to undo, but travel can be a healing thing. Serving as a respite from physical and mental stress, wellness holidays are, as you might expect, on the up and up. Those looking to detox and destress, there’s nowhere better to venture than wellness wonderland, the Maldives. We’re checking into the Gili Lankanfushi for the ultimate rejuvenation.

Bucket-List Trips

Craving a big, blowout trip? You’re not alone. Whilst a costlier and lengthier holiday than your standard fly and flop, this year, many people are ready to discover somewhere entirely new and far-flung. Whether you’ve set your sights on the Northern Lights or fancy secluded seafaring, adventures awaits for everyone from families keen to travel en masse after much-deferred celebrations, to honeymooners whose previously scuppered grand plans can now be realised. The long-haul locations currently on our bucket-list: Patagonia and Botswana.

*DISCLAIMER: Travel restrictions are changing daily, so please check the latest government advice before you book anything. Visit for more information.

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