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The Conversation

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Emma Lewisham

Hailing from New Zealand, Emma Lewisham is the sustainable beauty brand loved for its clean and natural formulations.

According to Emma, the New Zealand beauty scene is very minimal and natural: “It’s about enhancing natural beauty which I feel is a nice reflection of the way we live our lives. We tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature.”

The brand was born out of a desire to find luxurious, natural skincare that was as efficacious as it was sustainable. Emma herself was hoping to treat her hyperpigmentation, which spurred the brand’s hero product, the velvety Skin Rest serum.

Equipped with a host of her miniatures, so she can take her whole skincare routine wherever she goes, we delve into Emma Lewisham’s travel psyche.

What are your must do beauty rituals/treatments before you travel?

Before I travel I always make sure I have a healthy meal, as I very rarely eat plane food. My go-to is a big salad with quinoa, nuts, and vegetables with a smoothie. I also drink a lot of water before and during my flight. Before any long-haul travel, I cleanse and exfoliate my skin and then apply our facial masque – we’ve been working on this product for years now and I am very excited to release it later this year.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I travel with our Emma Lewisham Essentials, which are our miniature-sized products. They’re a lot lighter and easier to travel with, but allow me to maintain my usual routine.

What is the best way to down-size your beauty products for travel?

Our Emma Lewisham Essentials are perfect for this, but if you have a favourite product that doesn’t come in a smaller size, the best thing to do is transfer some of it into an empty beauty travel container. They are also great as it means you can take your products in your hand luggage to use during your flight.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

I drink lots of water, make sure I stand up every few hours, and I always take noise-cancelling headphones to help me sleep.

How do you unwind on holiday?

I exercise and meditate in the mornings, unwind with a good book during the day, and enjoy lots of early nights. Holidays for me are all about nourishing myself and recharging.

Where do you go to relax?

My favourite place for relaxation is Ischia, a small island about one hour from Naples in Italy. I went there with Italian friends of mine, it’s beautiful, but not very well known (despite being where The Talented Mr Ripley was filmed!). We stayed in a beautiful resort on the water and did lots of walking and swimming in the ocean.

How do you overcome jet-lagged skin/eyes when you land?

I apply a face mask and drink lots of water. It’s all about water, water, and more water when travelling!

What’s been your favourite country to shop for homegrown beauty products? 

New Zealand and Australia.


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What’s on your beauty wish list right now?

More sleep! After having a child, it’s the most important thing for me in terms of inner beauty; which I believe shines through.


Travel light or overpacker?


Spa facial or massage?


Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Fake tan or au naturel?

Au naturel.

Desert island beauty product? 

Emma Lewisham Skin Reset.

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