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The Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands To Shop Now

A new wave of sustainable swimwear brands are finding innovative ways to make fashion-forward bikinis and swimsuits which are kinder to the environment.

Many of us are trying to make more sustainable choices in all areas of our lives, and our holiday wardrobes are no exception. From conscious packaging to the innovative materials used, we’ve rounded up 10 sustainable swimwear brands to consider adding to your suitcase for your next trip. These brands prove that you can shop eco-consciously without compromising on style or a luxury feel.

1. Casa Raki


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Josefina Theo, Founder Casa Raki:

How would you describe the Casa Raki aesthetic?

Casa Raki is about effortless summer style. It’s very much inspired by my childhood growing up in Argentina and Uruguay. There is a focus on practical elegance for pieces that can take you from dawn to dusk. The colours and aesthetic very much reflect my heritage with designs that are feminine but simple for an uncomplicated beach wardrobe.

Can you describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear? 

We focus on using natural or recycled fabrics all created in Europe by factories with leading responsible and environmental standards. I could not consciously create something without having a sustainable mantra and mission at the core. The fabrics, supply chain, and limited production runs combine to create an ethical and sustainable business. We need to co-exist with nature and it is only right I use my brand to raise awareness for the amazing natural world.



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Georgia Thompson, Founder of EVARAE:

How would you describe the EVARAE aesthetic?

Our brand aesthetic is focused on the idea of an endless summer. The designs are always timeless, and feminine, with a lot of colour and print that invoke a feeling of nostalgia and freedom.

Can you describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear? 

All our swimwear is produced in a small family run atelier in Rimini, Italy, using regenerative fabric ECONYL®: a material that’s infinitely recyclable and made using nylon waste from oceans and landfills. We’ve also introduced elevated trims made from natural and renewable materials of vegetable origin. The result is chic, marble-effect hardware on our belted swimwear that replaces harmful plastics and is made to last.

3. PAPER London


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A post shared by PAPER (@paperlondon)

Philippa Thackeray and Kelly Townsend, Co-Founders of PAPER:

All of Paper’s swimwear is sustainable, created from ECONYL® yarn: a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from nylon waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic recycled from all over the world.

How would you describe the PAPER aesthetic?

For us, it starts with a blank piece of Paper. Then, we pick a colour. Everything else bubbles up from there. Our pieces are timelessly chic, always joyful, never boring. We design to turn every wardrobe into a gallery of well-worn and much-loved statement pieces. With a goal for each piece to benefit the planet.

4. Monte & Lou


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A post shared by Monte & Lou (@monteandlou)

Kay Howitt and Lynne Tramonte, Co-Founders of Monte & Lou:

How would you describe the Monte & Lou aesthetic?

Sophisticated femininity expressed in bespoke prints using exclusive recycled fabrics with an emphasis on quality, fit, innovation, and functional design.
Can you describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear? 
We believe we have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of our business by choosing sustainable practices and replacing plastic from within our supply chain with 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging. Working with our suppliers, we have developed our own signature fabric and lining using 85% GRS Certified Recycled Nylon, which has an incredibly luxurious handle.



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A post shared by Hunza G (@hunza.g)

Georgiana Huddart, Co-Founder of Hunza G:

Known for their crinkle, stretch fabric and one-size-fits-all model, Hunza G makes shopping for your next swimwear investment piece a breeze. Colour blocking in everything from Pepto-Bismol pink to violets and greens is their signature.

Can you describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear? 

We have been sustainable and ethical from when we launched in 2015 and our ethos is to try and keep moving towards being as sustainable as possible. We went carbon neutral for 2020, and from this year we are using recycled nylon yarn which is the best way for us to lower our carbon emissions. All of our packaging, down to the hygiene labels, is sustainable and recyclable and we have a no plastics allowed office. It’s about changing the mindset right from the core of a company rather than just in a perforative way to sell your products.



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A post shared by beauty meets the sea. (@vanessasposi_paris)

Vanessa Sposi, Founder of VANESSA SPOSI:

How would you describe VANESSA SPOSI aesthetic?

An ode to beauty and effortless style, for today’s modern woman, with a sleek 90s design, seamless finish, a celebration of colours, and a most sculptural fit that embodies femininity.

Can you briefly describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear? 

Designed in Paris, woven in Italy, and made in Portugal, each piece combines quality (the fabrics used are made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon), textile innovation (the linings are impregnated with natural antioxidants, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to soothe and nourish sun-drenched skin), and a tailored fit to meet our mantra: beauty meets the sea. All materials used for VANESSA SPOSI clothing are selected with care and intention for minimal impact on the environment.

7. Away That Day


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A post shared by Away That Day Swim (@awaythatday)

Ingemae Kotze, Founder Of Away That Day:

How would you describe the brand aesthetic?

Our brand is recognised for its classic, simplistic cuts with clean, elegant lines whilst showcasing unique features. Obsessed with perfecting the most flattering fit and attention to finer details, ‘forever’ shades are at the forefront of every Away That Day collection.

Can you briefly describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear?

Ethically made in the UK, we keep sustainability at the core of everything we do. As well as only using eco-friendly, regenerated nylon for every Away That Day piece, our packaging is also 100% compostable and vetted by our global reforestation partners, Canopy Planet. Our goal is to use our platform for good, encourage recycling, and set an example for the next generation of fashion.

8. Medina


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A post shared by MEDINA (@medinaswimwear)

Lou Medina, Creative Director of Medina :

How would you describe the Medina aesthetic?

Design wise, I design for the women in my life. They all have different ages and lifestyles. I noticed a gap in the swimsuit industry, where brands focused on just one type of woman. I intend to include them all, sartorially speaking – meaning each different style is thoughtfully made to each diverse purpose.

Can you briefly describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear?

Medina Swimwear exclusively uses ECONYL® as the main fabric, which helps to minimise the usage of new raw materials. Furthermore, Medina works solely with local factories and therefore supports family companies in Italy and Portugal. Every season we support a non-profit organisation that focuses on cleaning or protecting the oceans. We also created “OCEAN TAX”: a 3 % tax deducted from each sale and is destined to be donated to a non-profit organisation.



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A post shared by AYLA (@ayla.swim)

Kirsty Ames, Co-Founder of Ayla:

How would you describe the brand aesthetic?

Bright and bold! We encourage our customers to mix-and-match our pieces to create their own unique looks. All our prints are created in-house, splicing multiple patterns and can be paired together in different colourful combinations.

Can you briefly describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear?

We set out to create swimwear that our customers would treasure for years to come rather than wear for one season. For our swimwear we use Repreve® nylon, created from 100% recycled materials. As well as being sustainable, it is a soft and stretchy fabric that is comfortable and flattering to wear. We work closely with a boutique factory in Bali who allows us to be flexible with our order sizes to avoid wasting stock.



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A post shared by MORÉ NOIR (@morenoir_resort)

Sandra and Karla, sisters and Co-Founders of MORÉ NOIR:

How would you describe the MORÉ NOIR aesthetic?

With a focus on fabric and finishes, our work marries the raw with the exquisite to materialise a sense of soft power, sensuality, and ease – particularly relevant in keeping with our times. The result is a sophisticated take on the growing appeal of doing things on your own terms.

Can you briefly describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear?

We believe in the inherent goodness of things and that coming from a good place goes a long way towards sparking off beauty. It’s what we like to call BEAUTY AMPLIFIED. Produced in small batches, with the aim of generating close to no waste, each piece is locally made and thoughtfully conceived as part of our brand’s considered approach to designing with the welfare of our team, customers, and the environment in mind.

11. Borgo De Nor X Talia Collins swimwear collaboration


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A post shared by Borgo de Nor (@borgodenor)

Carmen Borgonovo, Co-Founder of Borgo de Nor :

How would you describe the Borgo De Nor x Talia Collins swimwear aesthetic?

The collection is built around four key Borgo de Nor patterns that are core to the brand’s DNA. Each print represents a different woman – named after ancient goddesses – such as the signature cherry Belisama print is named after the Gallo -Roman Goddess, also known as the “bright one”. The colourful combination of prints and bold silhouettes evoke feelings of joy, travel and timeless elegance.

Can you describe the sustainable credentials of your swimwear?

Sustainability and transparency – already being at the core of the Talia Collins’ brand identity –has played a major role in this collaboration. Consciously designed in London, and made in Portugal using the finest eco-friendly fabrics, both brands offer environmentally-conscious designs. The swimwear is made from ECONYL®️: a high-quality regenerated nylon crafted from abandoned fishing nets and discarded ocean plastics. It also includes UPF 50 full sun protection, and has been proven to be longer lasting than most other swimwear fabrics, due to the fabric’s recycled properties.


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