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Nine Products To Get Your Body Summer-Ready

Nine of the best body products to buff, tone, and moisturise limbs, getting your body summer-ready.

After months or being cocooned in winter layers, the Easter heatwave took my sun-parched limbs by surprise. Whilst I have my multi-step skincare routine down to a fine art, I can often be neglectful of body care. So you don’t get caught out when the sun decides to reappear once again, we’ve rounded up the niftiest products to summon baby soft skin you’ll want to show off at the first whisper of sunshine.


Every diligent body-care routine should start with a dry body brush. First thing in the morning – yes, even before your morning coffee – start with an invigorating brush, using firm, small strokes, always moving towards the heart. Not only does it help with fluid retention and cellulite, making skin noticeably more toned, it works to remove dry skin cells, for velvety softness. Our brush of choice is by VOYA, made from cactus bristles for an effective, yet gentle effect.



A body scrub is a sure-fire way to buff uneven skin into submission and this Natura Bisse iteration is wondorously indulgent. A reassuringly gritty concoction of marine salt crystals, ground rice, and grape seeds gently buff away dead skin cells. Meanwhile shea butter, vitamin E, and grape-seed oil nourish skin so it feels hydrated and replenished, before you even follow up with moisturiser. The subtly zesty scent will mean you start your day feeling extra perky too.


Fans of CeraVe's no-nonsense, results-driven skincare know the wonders it works on uneven, sensitised complexions and this new body wash transfers attention from face to extra-parched limbs. The gentle formula is packed with ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and squalane to gently removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin while providing up to 24-hour hydration. Whilst some formulas can clog pores, this was non-comogenic, so works wonders on any pesky backne.



Just as a face serum penetrates the deepest layers of skin to combat myriad skin concerns through a targeted formula of active ingredients, it can be a dexterous step in your bodycare regime too. ESPA's velvety new body serum is laden with a cocktail of essential oils, alongside shiitake mushroom extract, bio retinol, and plant stem cells. This wonder elixir works hard to taughten, smooth, plump, and brighten skin.  As with all ESPA products, it has that glorious 'I've just stepped out of a spa' smell too.




Whether you wan't to accentuate a newly acquired golden tan, or simply want to give the illusion of longer, leaner limbs, a shimmering body oil is always flattering. Acqua di Parma offers a new way to wear it's iconic Peonia Nobile fragrance – a refreshing fruity floral blending peony, geranium, raspberry and amber. This decadent oil, laced with jojoba and pomegranate seed oils and shea butter sinks into skin seamlessly, leaving it with a delicate irridiscence – the prettiest accessory this summer.




If the thought of strappy vests and short sleeved t-shirts, fills you with dread, this intelligent arm serum promises to tone and sculpt arms, whilst improving skin texture. Charged with the same SIREN Capsule Technology as the brand's facial formulas – in short reversing the signs of aging by delivering low levels of active ingredients directly to the damaged cells whilst maintaining the integrity of healthy skin – this clever arm serum results in more toned, de-puffed, and smoother-looking skin. Consider it a mini workout for the arms… without a dumbbell in sight.





If you are suffering from bumpy, dry legs this body cream, which literally smells like summer is your secret weapon. Harnessing the best kept secrets of Brazilian skincare – cupuaçu butter, guaraná, açaí, and coconut oils – this AHA-rich body cream exfoliates as it moisturises to retexturise skin in just two weeks The addition of vitamin C helps to fight again ageing too, whilst brightening skin, for limbs that positively gleam.


The only safe way to get a tan is by the bottle and Dior's intelligent fake tan has been reformulated as a milky tanning water. The ultra-fine mist leaves no transfer on sheets, drying to a velvety finish. Whilst some tans leave skin feeling tight and dry, this formula has been enriched with hyaluronic acid acid to moisturise and nourish, whilst AHAs help to exfoliate skin – keeping that glow for longer. After the first application you look well-rested, with a gentle tan mimicking a weekend spent in St Tropez.


Packing all the wonders of THE cult face moisuriser into a hardworking body moisturiser, this famous blue tub is the gateway to limbs you'll want to show off. Powered by a patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) which supports cellular renewal and guides key ingredients to the cells. Expect intensely hydrated, smooth skin, whilst the appearance of imperfections, cellulite, and stretch marks will be reduced too. There's a lot to love.

Image credit: Dior Beauty

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