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The Conversation

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Anita Kaushal, Co-Founder of Mauli Rituals

Inspired by the elements of Ayurveda, Mauli Rituals is the holistic wellbeing brand to know.

The name ‘Mauli’ comes from the Hindu ritual of tying a red thread around the wrist as a symbol of connectedness, protection, and goodwill. Co-Founder of Mauli Rituals, Anita Kaushal tells me, “The analogy is that we are all eternally connected and what we wish for another, we have already wished for ourselves. I also love that the thread fades over time, and I felt it as beautiful as the day it is first tied – beauty endures.”

Ayurveda has been a part of Kaushal’s life since she was born, and Mauli Rituals is a way of sharing the wisdoms of her heritage. Kaushal adds, “My father-in-law is an Ayurvedic doctor […] he inspires me daily and the deeper I immerse myself in his teachings, the more I come to know that authentic beauty and wellbeing requires respect for mind, body, and spirit in equal measure.”

Equipped with her soothing bath salts to combat jet-lag we delve into Anita’s travel beauty regime.

What are your must do beauty rituals/treatments before you travel?

I’ll drink lots of water to hydrate, give myself a nourishing oil massage, and apply our Supreme Skin Serum on my face before and during travel.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I like fuss-free rituals and I’ve intentionally insured there is nothing superfluous in our range, so it’s pretty much the same when travelling or at home. I take our skincare, hair oil, sleep salts, and a factor 50 SPF.

What is the best way to downsize your beauty products for travel?

Use multi-tasking products wherever possible. Our Radiance Exfoliate & Mask is a powder formula, so I can decant a little and carry it in hand luggage.  I’ll take minis of our skin and body care and stick to a very simple routine.


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Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples? And why?

I prefer minis but it really depends on the length of the trip. I don’t want to run out as there is nothing that compares to our range for me, and I can’t do without. If I’m away for more than a week, I’ll take full-size products and liberally share with anyone who wants to use them. Given our range is rather edited anyway, it’s not a lot to carry.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

I’ll get on the plane make-up free. I’ll carry our Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil and muslin cloth to give my skin a good wipe during the flight and then will apply our serum several times.

How do you unwind on holiday?

I’ll switch off notifications on all my Apps, including emails. That said, sometimes I’ll choose to holiday and work, in which case, I’ll check in daily, but it’s not so hard when I’m sat by a pool. For me a good holiday is breaking out of the norm, so I relax by getting lost in a city, or reading a good book, hiking… The one thing I will continue to do, as I do at home, is to start each day with my meditation ritual.

How do you overcome jet-lagged skin/eyes when you land?

I will keep hydrated as that’s a big part of it and as much as possible, I’ll immediately adjust to the local time zone. When I get to the other side, I’ll use our Sleep Dharma Himalayan Bath Salts to de-bloat and get me set for my new time zone.

What has been you favourite vacation spa so far and why?

I recently visited Ananda in the Himalayas and it was by far and above the best spa vacation I’ve ever had. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this 20-year old spa gives a level of care and attention that is like no other. Each treatment plan, be it detox, for wellness, stress management etc. is tailor-made, so you get exactly what you want and need. I left feeling like the best version of myself.

What are your top skincare make-up/hair tips when travelling?

Keep it simple, carry an SPF, and keep hydrated. Don’t forget to give your hair a good oil massage as the heat can be drying. I also keep my hair covered with a hat to protect it further. Keep make-up to a minimum, and enjoy the freedom of being comfortable in your skin.


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What’s been your favourite country to shop for homegrown beauty products? 

I don’t shop for beauty products, but my favourite country to shop in is India. I love the artisan products and the stories of the people that make them.

What’s on your beauty wish list right now?

We’re working on a few new products that I cannot wait to bring to you, and they are on the top of my list. Over and above anything, I’d say find your bliss and then you’ll look beautiful no matter what.


Travel light or overpacker?


Spa facial or massage?


Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Fake tan or au naturel?

I do prefer natural, within reason, as skin protection comes first.

Desert island beauty product? 

Our Supreme Skin Serum. I can use it on my lips, as a cleanser if need be, I can add a tiny bit to the tips of my hair and I’m good to go!

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