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S4: Passport to…

Passport to... The Golden Age Of Rail

With much chatter around the Golden Age of travel’s return, or indeed the commencement of a new Golden Age, CF sat down with Monisha Rajesh, Author of Around the World in 80 Trains and Around India in 80 Trains, and Kate Thompson, Divisional Director of Brand and Marketing for Trains and Cruises, Belmond, to explore the role nostalgia plays in our travel planning.


Exploring the resurgence of train travel’s Golden Age, Episode Two Season Four of Passport to… highlights the importance of “slowing down and connecting with the journey that you’re on”.

In this episode, Travel Writer, Monisha Rajesh, and Kate Thompson, Divisional Director of Brand and Marketing for Trains and Cruises, Belmond, join Sheena to share their fondest train travel memories – plus some natty tips to take you from A to B in style.

To listen to Episode Two, Season Four, in full, visit iTunes or Spotify.

Spotlighting the world’s most epic rail odysseys – including Belmond’s signature journeys –, trainspotters Rajesh and Thompson list the Royal Scotsman’s route through dramatic landscapes and the Venice-Simplon Orient Express’ iconic journey from Paris to Istanbul (which only runs once a year and is, as you’d expect, very very popular) amongst their favourite rail adventures. Sharing memories of their first train journeys and reflecting on what initially sparked their interest in train travel, it seems that whether high-end or bareboned, travelling by rail always has the potential to thrill and inspire.

As slow travel becomes more of a priority for people, many are “wanting to travel by train and not just for anniversaries [and] big birthday celebrations”; they are striving to make this form of travel more than just a part of “how they go on holiday, but how they live.” “The eco message is important to people”, particularly as climate change feeds increasingly into travellers decision-making processes. Making the change from air to rail and embracing a more slow-paced itinerary is about “connecting with the journey that you’re on”, as Rajesh and Thompson will discuss later in this episode.

Follow the links below to listen to E2 S4 in full and discover the extended travel bucket list of these two die-hard railfans.

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