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S4: Passport to…

Passport to... Ethical Jewellery

Jewellers Pippa Small and Jessica Warch are blazing bold new trails in the jewellery industry. Tune in to learn more about the inspiring paths they’ve paved.


Episode Five, Season Four of Passport to… ethical jewellery.

In this episode, Ethical Jeweller Pippa Small MBE and Jessica March, Co-Founder and CEO of Kimai, join Sheena to chat about their most-treasured pieces, jewellery’s talismanic qualities, and how travel influences their designs.

To listen to Episode Five, Season Four, in full, visit iTunes or Spotify.

From London’s Westbourne Grove, to Antwerp, the ‘diamond centre of the world’, this week’s podcast guests share their insights into the world of jewellery, as they know it.

In a conversation which spans craftsmanship to the forceful properties of stones, female purchasing power to the cross-generational and sentimental value of one’s own collection, jewellery’s multi-faceted appeal is made crystal clear.

Follow the link below and learn more about jewellery’s amuletic properties, as well as tips on navigating your next big purchase, plus learn whose jewellery box, given the chance, Small and Warch would raid and why.

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