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The Beauty Edit

CF Editors Pick Their Favourite Beauty Products This Month

Discover all the wonderful new beauty drops that have piqued our interest this month.

From your mini skin bootcamp, to the ultimate body luxury, the sustainable nail polish to age-defying serum, we’ve rounded up the CF team’s favourite beauty products this month, in one handy column.


You can finally achieve an all-year round luminous, sun-kissed glow without the impacts of sun-damage, with Gatineau’s Golden Glow. It’s natural-looking formula allows for a buildable tan. Coconut oil, Vitamin E and amino acids are imbedded within the formula ensuring instant hydration. If you want to build upon the initial base, you can achieve a darker tan by applying steadily for three days. 


What's the secret to getting ultra-sleek, yet somehow casual perfect hair? Celebrity stylist Bryce Scarlett has spilled the tea on the tricks of the trade. The FEKKAI Brilliant Gloss Perfecting Crème, which specialises in multi-tasking, saturates the hair with moisture to eliminate frizz. It’s simple application can turn any bad hair day into an editorial photoshoot, taming any fly-aways and enhancing tresses to be silky smooth. 

It’s simple application can turn any bad hair day into an editorial photoshoot,


As an industry standard for luxury and class, Tom Ford continues to develop some of the most jaw-dropping products around. However, nothing is more satisfying than the perfect pigmented lipstick. The Lip Colour in Scarlett Rouge is the ideal red and has undertone hues that work with a multitude of skin tones. With a satiny, silky formula, and colour staying power (we're talking eight hours of intense, saturated shade fidelity), there is nothing this red lip couldn’t help you accomplish, while looking enviably gorgeous and cool.


As we wistfully spend our last remaining summer days in the sun, finally there is a product that allows us to have our cake and eat it too. The Ignae Sun Healing Kit focuses on skin rejuvenation with the combination of a Daily Enzyme Cleanser and a Blue Light Serum. The cleanser hydrates the skin with gentle exfoliation and naturally derived alpha hydroxy acids. After your skin has been prepped by the cleanser, the Blue Light Serum focuses on restoration at the deepest level to heal damage done by electronics and natural sun exposure simultaneously. A power duo that helps replenish and protect from all angles. 


As a brand that has held a place in beauty-lovers hearts for years, Givenchy is back with another spectacular product for make-up aficionados. The Prisme Primer, in Bleu, aims to provide a barrier against sunspot development, and achieve an overall brightened complexion. The formula creates a light and effervescent base that helps protect your skin from the elements while prepping it efficiently for make-up application. 




Giving you the tools you need to achieve the radiance and glow of it’s facials in the comfort of your own home, FaceGym introduces Active Rollers, the world’s most advanced 2-in-1 micro-needling tool. With a reusable forever roller handle, two hydrating, dissolving, microneedle heads and a pouch to neatly carry it in, this is a 5 minute daily weekly skin ritual you need to incorporate – a mini skin bootcamp if you will. After all, who doesn't want to achieve deeply hydrated, dewy and glowing skin? 


Collagen has garnered quite a fan base as an ingredient that can help sustain skin elasticity and hydration. Luckily, Dose & Co. Beauty Collagen has mastered the formula for beauty gurus everywhere. This collagen powder can easily be added to smoothies or coffee, and helps create a smooth, plump complexion for unmatched radiance and shine. Ingredients infused into the collagen powder itself, like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C work in perfect combination with collagen peptides to achieve gorgeous skin from within. 


The Sevīn Coral Clay Mini Body Scrub gives its user the most dazzling at-home spa experience, with a subtly perfumed jasmine-vanilla fragrance and a moisturised finish. Shaped by hand, this unique soap can be used all over the body and face for an equally effective cleansing process. It’s specialty blend of five natural oils including organic coconut oil and sustainabilty sourced palm oil, and additional poppy seeds, allows for calming exfoliation and a velvety smooth skin texture as a result. 


A natural-looking liquid foundation aimed to celebrate the skin you’re in. The brand’s latest makeup innovation is a silicone-free, skincare infused daily wear liquid foundation. This formula combines the healing power of aloe, and the signature adaptogenic herbal blend RMS has perfected, to make your skin happy and healthy. Plus, giving you the coverage and shine you need to conquer the day. With 16 shades, and refillable packaging, in addition to a water/sweat resistant formula, this is your beauty bag prep for the August summer heat. 


This is the kind of cocktail your skin needs. Combining 25 'face-grad' ingredients, Tata Harper's body serum nourishes your skin endlessly. Among the heroes are fruit- and plant-based Vitamins C, A, AHA and Peptides that impart a glow and blend seamlessly with no film or greasiness. This is an exfoliating serum that is not only super effective, it's also the ultimate luxury for the body.


ASHE London has cracked the code on combining conscious-forward nail polish and colour pigmentation that allows for a dazzling shine. The alluring colour choices differ per seasonal release and are inspired by influencing female figures throughout history. The brand has committed themselves to being change makers within the industry, setting the standard by donating proceeds from their sales to Bloody Good Period and Cianna’s Smile. 


With all the buzzwords out there, it's trickier than ever to sort the wow from the waste of time. But there's one ingredient that's of particular interest to skincare enthusiasts – epidermal growth factors aka EGF. Enter BIOEFFECT. It boosts collagen and elastin, making it the ultimate product for those who are interested in putting together a skin routine that will see you through the years. BIOEFFECT’s science-led range helps to supplement your body’s own natural EGF supply and encourage healthy, supple and luminous skin. It's formulated without irritating fragrance, drying alcohol or pore-clogging oils. And now, the impressive formula is available in a handy travel size too. 


Vitamin C serums are legendary for a reason: they really work. Uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars, dullness — you can name any common complexion concern and vitamin C will be in the ingredients list. In the same way that consuming antioxidant-rich foods aids your body in fighting off free radicals, topical antioxidants do the same for your skin by helping to offset daily aggressors like UV damage and exposure to air pollution. Prepare to glow, glow glow with Pixi's full Vitamin C range – we say add the serum as a skincare staple to your daily regime. 


When we're talking self-care, we really mean it. Enter Chanel's Revitalizing Body-In-Mist. Infused with the red camellia, a flower unlike any other with revitalising powers supporting the skin's vitality. Spray the extremely fine droplets onto your body, instantly absorbed without leaving any parched or sticky feeling. Skin is left toned and visibly nourished. Are you ready for this next level of magic?


Image credit: Tata Harper

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