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CF's Guide To Avoiding August Travel Chaos

The news has been bombarded recently with horror stories of travel across the world this summer.

Whether it’s been cancelled flights, or lost baggage, the return to travel has been less than ideal. We have compiled a list of nine tips to help you through the August travel chaos and still get the best out of your airport experience.


Reaching your destination without your luggage is really the first damper on your travels. If a carry-on doesn’t suffice for the duration of your trip (or you’re a victim of overpacking syndrome), air tags are your answer. Simple and small devices that can track anything you put them into, showing their location. Whether your bag has boarded the plane – or not – is key information. Tag all your checked bags, so if you have to endure the endless line at the airport wondering where your bag is, at least you know it’s in the same country as you.

CF Tip: Go ultra-luxe and upgrade to the AirTag Hermès Bag Charm.


This might sound incredibly obvious, but it’s important to take a picture of all the luggage you are bringing with you on a trip. You’d be surprised how many black suitcases there are! More to the point, it’s a great reference point for the employee helping you find it. Look to the Away suitcase for a fully customisable bag, and brand your initials on the top.


Be sensible about your airport choice. The big international airports around Europe and the United States have seen such an influx of people, that it’s become hard to manage the demand. If you can avoid Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle, that would be beneficial. Instead, opt for smaller airports that are off the normal traveller track. In London, City Airport is the best kept secret in the city – British Airways flights, cafes, small lines, and charging ports at every chair.


The chaos of the airports means that it’s harder to find charging docks, and because of longer lines throughout, there’s less time to sit and charge.  Now, you can easily do both; run to catch your flight and simultaneously charge your phone.


No longer just for the flying elite, these havens from chaos are easier to get into now, with the crowds to prove it. Many lounges offer guest passes for the day that allow you to enjoy the amenities, which is helpful when you want a place to escape the crowded terminals. Here, you can get complimentary snacks and beverages, as well as showers, outlets, and desks. This is the ideal location to cozy up and wait for your flight, maybe with a glass of Ruinart.


Prepare for all eventualities. Carry the necessities (the first two days of clothes) which never leave your side. A swimsuit, a t-shirt, and maybe a light summer dress could all be included to help elevate stress in case of worst-case scenario. We’re eyeing up this one ZIMMERMANN striped cotton voile cutout maxi dress for essential day to night dressing.


Think of driving out to the country on a late Friday afternoon, it’s a trip you’d likely avoid. The same applies to flights. Those getting ready to depart on overnight transatlantic flights aim make the airports crowded, arrivals hectic and the lounges best avoided. It’s one reason travel advisers are recommending that you book daytime and morning flights.


It’s no surprise that plane air is an absolute nightmare for the hydration of the skin. Luckily, Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one thing that continuously keeps the skin luminous and moist during what can be a very damaging time to the skin. It comes in both a large, and mini size, so it can easily fit into a purse, a backpack, or a seat-back pocket.


While Covid entry requirements have relaxed worldwide, it did shed a light on how we can make our spaces as clean as possible. Keep a Covid sanitary prep bag at hand including hand sanitiser, a cloth mask, a N95 mask, a package of anti-bacterial wipes, and a rapid antigen test. That way, you can always be prepared to quickly clean your plane chair and be prepared for anything that could come your way in terms of Covid standards. No matter where you are travelling.

Invest in this neat ANYA HINDMARCH leather-trimmed recycled sustainable pouch to store the essentials. Made from clear, recycled TPU, this style has a sleek rectangular profile reinforced with vibrant orange leather, finished with gold lettering to match the hardware.

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