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Five Essentials For Every Successful Skincare Regime

Looking to simplify your skincare regime, here are five steps a skincare expert swears by.

Aesthetic Doctor Dr Parisha Acharya knows good skin starts with a good skincare regime. “Consistency is key with any routine, and this applies to skin too. If starting a new product, gently introduce it to avoid irritation. Stick to using it for a minimum of eight weeks; skin cycles are roughly six weeks and hence we recommend trialling a product for a minimum of two months to reap the benefits. Make small adjustments to your routine throughout the year, to ensure your skin adapts to the varying seasons and conditions accordingly.”

Alongside hydrafacials – “these types of facials are fantastic at deeply cleansing, hydrating, brightening and renewing your skin and compliment at home routines” –, here are five steps Dr Paris recommends for glowing skin all year round.

1. Foaming Cleanser

“I generally use a gentle foaming cleanser twice daily, it forms the first step in my skincare routine and helps to remove dirt/debris, dead skin cells, as well as preparing your skin for further products.”

2. Exfoliator

“I personally am a fan of chemical exfoliating agents as these gently refresh and renew your skin, helping to achieve that dewy glow. I tend to recommend an exfoliating pad that contains a combination of gentle acids such as AHAs, or if you are prone to acne I would try a product containing BHAs such as salicylic acid. Build up use gradually, and cut back if there are any signs of irritation.”

3. Antioxidant-rich Serum

“This is an absolute must in your skincare routine as it helps to protect your skin from environmental stressors that cause free radicals such as UV light and pollution. Not everyone can tolerate vitamin C and for those who find it sensitises their skin I tend to recommend niacinamide or resveratrol. This product should be used once daily in the morning followed by your favourite SPF.”

4. Retinol

“The holy grail of skincare, this miracle product has antioxidant and cellular renewal properties, as well as being able to treat acne and pigmentation. It does take a little while to acclimatise though, and generally I advise gradually building up use to ensure you achieve amazing results without compromising your skins barrier function.”

5. SPF

“Your ultimate anti-ageing product that helps defend against skin cancer, pre-cancerous changes, and promotes skin health by maintaining collagen and elastin that act as scaffolds for our skin. SPF should be used daily in the morning as the last step in your routine, I tend to recommend non-comedogenic formulations to avoid blocking pores or causing congestion.”

Image credit: Pai Skincare

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