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A Seat At The Bar: The George, Fitzrovia

In our new column, A Seat At The Bar we showcase the world’s best bars – from plush cocktail spots to dive bars, and everything in-between.

This week, we’re spotlighting Fitzrovia’s The George.

Tucked away right off of the chaos of Oxford Street, like an 18th century locket enclosed with a treasured secret… is The George. From the outside, The George seems to be a simple and understated pub, that bashfully deflects attention away from itself. However, what awaits inside, is the charm and ambience of what I am proclaiming as Soho’s best kept secret. The George is a place of duality. The downstairs serves passers-by and worn-out bankers, couples in love and friendly neighbours with dogs, all coming for a celebratory end-of-day pint. However, upstairs, a boutique of old-world delight that transports you into the whimsey English enchantment, sits covertly. The most optimal and delightful place to watch the sun-soaked chaos of London drift past like cinema, slowly fading from vibrant orange into inky midnight blue.

The Lowdown 

As you arrive inside, ask the ever-so-friendly bar staff to direct you upstairs. A small, and discreet staircase takes you up to the restaurant. I highly recommend calling ahead to sit at the Wine Bar before enjoying your meal; it’s a newly renovated addition that only seats four. Covered in eccentric wallpaper and velvet upholstered chairs, the Wine Bar recalls the sketch before it’s golden renovation. Shades of magenta and mauve, hot pink and rosewood, blend together to amplify the space like a petite jewellery box. After you enjoy a glass of bubbles and have decompressed from the stresses of the day, move into the lounge for dinner service. Ask for table 44, you won’t be sorry.

What To Order

Sitting within The George’s lounge feels like dining within the walls of a familial home, cozy and warm, yet hopelessly modern and upscale. As light dances from the chandeliers, you can tell magic is right around the corner. We settled into a meal of true elevated classics. As someone who usually despises scotch eggs, The George’s changed my mind completely.  It was one of the most delicious morsels I have had in a minute, so creamy, and constructed with layers of flavour that felt silky smooth. We also enjoyed the tomato tart and the sourdough bread to start, both crisp and delicious. As we moved onto the main course, the quality remained just as exquisite. We settled on the scampi and the bangers and mash to split. This is pub food like you have never experienced it before, I am still having fragrant dreams of garlic potatoes and panko-coated plump shrimp.

Who To Bring

This is a perfect place to mix up date night or go with a few work colleagues after a strenuous day in the office. It’s great for all occasions, and I would be hard pressed to find a person who would not be in true contentment dining here.

When To Go

After an exhausting day, consumed by blue light and grey office walls, come here to brighten your evening during the weekday grind. The George is best enjoyed on a Wednesday night, as a way to celebrate mid-week with understated glamour and delicious cuisine.

The Dress Code

The George is the type of place that welcomes all dress codes, whether you wanted to spice it up with a glistening black dress or roll up your Oxford shirt after work; anything goes.

The CF Tip(ple)

The Granny Smith Gimlet, it’s a perfect palette cleanser to transition from the bubbles of the wine bar, into the freshness of Rosé once seated in the lounge. It’s snappy and zesty zing gives a freshness that perfectly complements these remaining summer days.


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