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The Best Beach Clubs in St. Tropez

A town with more allure than the famous participants who relish in French mystique and lavish luxury, St. Tropez has been the not-so-secret hide out for Sheikhs and starlets alike.

St. Tropez has yet to shake off the fantasy of a 1950’s movie set. From farm-fresh rainbow crudités to sticky-sweet raspberry tarts and full crystal glasses of light fuchsia rosé in every hand on the beach, it’s a playground for the senses. Every detail is like a moving set piece, each one curated by the dapper and divine. As you walk around the cream cobbled streets, you will be remised to see hordes of alluring smokey eyes and blonde bouffants, all calling homage to the queen of French Riviera chic: Brigette Bardot.

While the little town port and the farmer’s market full of thrifted treasures, next to the Louis Vuitton, give more than one reason to relax seaside in town, people come to St. Tropez for the beach clubs. Dodge the Beckhams, light a sparkler on top of a Dom Pérignon bottle, and dry off your woven bikini…all in preparation to party with Europe’s elite, because these are the best beach clubs in St. Tropez.

1. Bagatelle

As you walk in the wooden boardwalk toward the restaurant, there is a buoyancy and lightness that fills you with excitement. The beach club is world-renowned for incredible food and elegance, Bagatelle is a name synonymous with glamourised fun. The cuisine is comfort yet luxe, from truffle pizza to the Pugliese burrata with locally produced tomatoes. Bagetelle has perfected the ambience of a night club, with the breezy and chill elements of the stunning natural beauty of the French coast. It fuses together to create a whimsical world for a party-goers delight. Most days they bring in a DJ for the later afternoon seating, often with live saxophone players. As far as daytime brunches goes, this is probably one of the best.

2. Loulou


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Loulou’s is so charming that it almost feels sketched from a storybook and manifested into real life. Tucked away on the beach, under canopies of white linen and green tangled vines, Loulou’s exemplifies the cuteness and couture of French style. However quaint, this is where the biggest stars in the world come to laugh over grilled sea bass and tan under Burberry umbrellas. The great thing about Loulou’s is it’s right on the beach, so you can enjoy your lunch and then bask under the sun, soaking in the salty sweet breeze. Don’t miss the whole sea bream carpaccio, which is thinly sliced and then reconfigured back into a whole fish; it’s a feat of perfection. You also can’t go wrong with the burrata, peach, and fresh mint salad; it’s a show stopper.

3. Club 55


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Club Cinq en Cinq is renowned world over. Perhaps your familiarity is from grainy black and white photos of French elite coming to dine here in the 1950’s, capturing the essence of films like And God Created Woman, that put St. Tropez on the map in the first place? The Club has evolved whilst cleverly staying true to its roots. Within the hustle and bustle of polo-shirt waiters spiriting around, the energy is infectious. The club often has a roaming band that plays remixes of classics songs, asking guest for recommendations. Additionally, you cannot miss an opportunity to get a group photo taken by the club’s professional photographers; a fabulous place to secure your family Christmas card. End your time here at the club with a raspberry tart, complete with sparkling candles, a perfect way to simply celebrate life. I couldn’t think a better afternoon treat.

4. Moorea


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White and turquoise umbrellas welcome you into Moorea, a sleek and sophisticated stop on the Pampelonne beach tour. Moorea’s bohemian attitude and island demeanour make it a tropical oasis hidden from the beach crowds and the ideal spot to bronze under the Mediterranean sun. Enjoy a “no frills” cuisine with fresh and local products – try the tuna tataki and assortment of fresh sashimi. Beat the St. Tropez heat here, and enjoy a relaxed swim right outside the front of the club once you are done enjoying the cuisine.

5. Byblos

You will be greeted into Byblos by a sea of Chanel-clad diners waving themselves with vibrant orange fans in harmony. gossiping in French behind circular sunglasses. Taking inspiration from maritime design and mythology, Byblos is a Mediterranean spot with personality and pizzazz. You can see the light dance off the glittering turquoise water, as you dine at long tables fitted with ultra comfy pillows. It’s heaven. Dive into a world of juicy bites and iced cocktails; the fresh catch of the day is a perfect thing to split with a group of friends. Conquer your sweet tooth by biting into the peach pavlova with verbena, a triumph of classical French flavour profiles.

6. Club Les Palmiers


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Dine like a superstar at Club Les Palmiers, that has curated its polished aesthetic to crisp whites and natural mahogany. Take shelter under the umbrellas as you sink into a relaxing summer evening before a night out on the St. Tropez town. When you take a break from splashing in the waves, or playing on paddle boats, recharge with feta covered in phyllo dough, drizzled in honey, and melon draped with prosciutto. It’s a scrumptious situation in true Riviera style.

7. La Réserve à la Plage

Spend hazy afternoon days curled up on a clementine-coloured beach chair here at La Réserve à la Plage, a glorious utopia encapsulating the magic of why tourists have flocked to St. Tropez for decades. Watch the waves lap onto shore, while sipping cold Domaine Ott out of chilled ice buckets. If you fancy a little afternoon pick me up, the truffle churros is a tasty nibble to fuel you until evening.

8. Jardina Tropezina


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Jardina Tropezina is a temple for the beach go-er, a place that defines Riviera class and style. A property that can be enjoyed day or evening, there is never a wrong time to saunter over to Jardina Tropezina. A quiet beach side property, the enchanting garden can be enjoyed by families and couples alike. Nibble on clam carbonara with pancetta and pecorino, or fresh sea bass fillets, as you try and snapshot the scenery in your mind to save for a rainy day. This playful paradise will be infiltrating your wildest dreams until summer’s end.

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