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Restaurant Review: Cellar at Kindred

Hammersmith’s eccentricity and eclectic nature has brought a myriad of different vibes into the neighbourhood. It’s a centre of the highbrow/lowbrow mix, sporting authentic dives and shiny establishments with pressed egg-shell tablecloths de jour. Anything goes.

This backdrop has proven perfect for legend and chef extraordinaire Andrew Clark, with Cellar at Kindred. Delicately tucked between a twisting staircase, much like a hidden pocket protected from the chaotic streets that rest beyond the gates, Cellar has old-world charm in a new school setting. I ventured here to experience the reinvented local watering hole, and get a taste of what the whole town has been talking about. Here, gritty classics and inventive ingredients combine to enrich the senses of every patron who relaxes into the sea-green leather booths. Like a vintage wine barrel, Cellar is a scrumptious salute to modernity infused with nostalgic reminiscence.

The Lowdown 

Insider Tip: when looking for Cellar on the map, look up Kindred, because it can be a little hard to find. But that’s what makes it even more distinguished. Cellar is my absolute favourite type of establishment; it’s not too specific in its style – an amalgamation of cool and cozy. This is the kind of place you could rock a leather pant or a distressed Citizens of Humanity Jean; it’s what you make of it. On a sunny evening, there could be no better place to settle than under one of Cellar’s outdoor umbrellas. The golden details and interesting lighting make the interior just as scintillating. Try both.

What To Order

The menu offers a range of distinctive flavours and spices. I would start out with crudités with squash hummus, for crunch and health, followed by the torn burrata. Play a wildcard with the charred corn, a creamy and salty delight that really engaged my palette all the way through. Don’t be put off by the ancho butter, it’s additive. The pizzettes were a fun addition to our table, easily splittable and perfect for that after work hankering for a little comfort food. Our server expressed great affinity for the mackerel, who’s silky and light filet melted instantly as we ate it.

Who To Bring

Although it’s the perfect setting to bring a close friend and swap stories of the day’s hardships and triumphs, it also offers ideal second-date vibes with easily shareable plates for two or more.

The Dress Code

Cocktail casual. The dressed up and the dressed down all fit in here, however I wouldn’t oscillate too far on either spectrum. No sweat pants, but also no ball gowns. A simple happy medium.

What To Sip On

Before we dove into the canvas of flavours painted before us, we ordered the Kindred Spritz. A fizzy, and punchy cocktail that combined the essence of peach and jasmine, with the sweetness of cherry.

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