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Authentic Ageing Is The New Anti-Ageing

We have been sold various negative myths about ageing as women. Constantly bombarded with perfect imagery and pore-less skin, it seems as if the expectations revolve around women stopping time within themselves.

Women’s faces bear much of the pressure on anti-aging, limiting our lens to one specific ideal that is unattainable and often unrealistic. However, women have a stronger desire than ever to authentically age. They want to age like themselves, age with fun, and age with grace. Women’s beauty is no longer defined by just the outer shell, but by the inner glow that is cultivated by the kind of person you are. Simultaneously, they also want to feel their best within their rituals and routines.

Taking care of one’s skin, starting in your 20’s, can keep you refined and shining for years to come. The best products can keep skin hydrated and healthy, preventing dryness and irritation as well.

At CF, when we think of soft, luminous skin, our minds immediately travel to Natura Bissē. This is a revolutionary brand that has taken the absolute best chemistry and ingredients to formulate products that provide energy to the skin with a dual lifting and firming effect, restoring skin’s natural moisture and improving complexion.

Widely known as the “World’s Best Spa Brand,” Natura Bissé’s aestheticians swear by some products as at-home essentials for a spa-quality routine. Perhaps the most effective is the Diamond Extreme Cream which claims that ‘your skin gains optimal hydration in a single application.’ Two decades after the creation of its emblematic Diamond Extreme, Natura Bissé has designed the next generation of this revolutionary solution that provides energy to the skin.

But what is really so special? Available in two textures: the rich texture ideal for dewy finishes and radiance, and the light texture leaning towards the matte side, absorbing quickly. Our skin goes through a lot on a day to day basis, from pollution to blue light exposure; we need nourishment and care on a more consistent basis. The Diamond Extreme Cream is formulated with the Smart Energy Complex, which helps the skin reset to a natural cycle of balance using the skin’s circadian rhythms during both day and night. Using ingredients such as artemia salina, chronoskin, and extract of peony root, your skin’s revitalised complexion will become the definition of authentic and effortless beauty.


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Natura Bissē have also formulated spa treatments to utilise the best of their products. Mastering the power of touch, the facialists at Natura Bissē are committed to learning your individual skin architecture and voice. It’s impossible to leave their care without the restoration of balance and detoxification to the skin. Beauty is truly about an authentic expression of self, and with Natura Bissē, you can achieve effervescence and vivacity at any age.

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