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12 Apps For Female Travellers: Helping Women Navigate The World Safely

We’ll always celebrate the ever-increasing number of female travellers (hello like-minded friends!), but we also want to help you explore safely.  

These 12 apps help with pre-trip planning, on-the-ground navigation, meeting others abroad, and emergency assistance.  

Before You Go



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Understand a city or country before you touch down. Input your intended location and GeoSure shares and rates safety considerations ranging from chances of theft and physical harm, nighttime crime, women’s and LGBTQ+ safety, basic freedoms, and health security.  


We’ve all been there – unpacking and realising we’re missing a toothbrush, our favourite earrings, or a swimsuit. PackPoint ensures this never happens again by listing holiday essentials, but also reminds you of all the things you should pack depending on your holiday activities. Going hiking? Remember to take a handheld GPS, a first aid kit, and a compass. Never be lost in the woods again.  

Currency Exchange

Twenty pounds for an ice cream? No thank you! No-one wants to be overcharged in a new destination: save yourself from paying over-the-odds – starting with your taxi on arrival – by downloading a currency exchange rate app for a basic understanding of local money before you even hit the tarmac.  

On The Ground

Google Maps (offline use) 

No data, no problem. Google Maps has a ‘download’ function allowing you to use it even when offline. While connected (in your hotel room the night before the next day’s exploration, for example), search the area you’re visiting, tap the location address, select download. And voilà, you can use the map as usual.  


Scan and reveal all the devices connected to your accommodation’s Wi-Fi network. Some travellers have used this to reveal in-room hidden cameras. While not 100% reliable for this use, it is a good indication – and the paid version has a specific function to scan for cameras, too.  

Google Translate

You’ve probably learnt the language basics of your destination, but the Google Translate app can help with the trickier conversations. It allows you to scan text via your phone’s camera, helping you understand the written world around you. Invaluable when you’re trying to decide what to eat from a restaurant’s menu, navigate public transport, or even read local news. It also works offline.  



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If you’ve ever found yourself alone in a new country, pondering where to go and what to see, sign up to NomadHer. The app is a treasure-trove of 10,000+ female travellers and locals who share experiences and photos of destinations, but also arrange meet ups. Group brunches in Berlin, yoga classes in Paris, food markets in Dakar, and much more, all at your fingertips.

In An Emergency


We’ve all been there, walking alone – day or night – and feeling a general sense of unease. SafeUp provides vetted, local guardians you can connect with at the touch of a button who offer to voice or video call, meet and walk with you, or even call the local police. 


Sitata can plan your trip, yes, but it’s so much more than that. Use it to stay aware of local events including transport strikes, nearby protests, violence, disease outbreaks, and even flight cancellations. It can also notify loved ones when you’ve landed or reached your accommodation, as well as connect you with an online doctor, if needed. Think of it as your own personal PA in your pocket.  


When a father-daughter duo develop a safety app, you can bet that a lot of thought and care has gone into it. bSafe takes an all-encompassing view to safety: fake phone calls help you excuse yourself from an uncomfortable situation; a ‘follow me’ button allows selected contacts to ensure you reach your destination; an SOS call is activated by touch or – importantly for situations where you can’t access your phone – voice. The latter even live streams your location as well as photos and videos from the scene.  

MayDay Safety

Designed and developed in collaboration with US Special Operations veterans, MayDay safety is bringing, in their words: tools and technology used to track events on the battlefield and put it in the hands of parents, teachers, and individuals looking for a clear method to communicate. With 3 taps of the MAYDAY button, it shares your exact location with trusted contacts and first-responders.

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