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Navigating The Marrakech Souks With Zyne

The Marrakech souks are a marvel to explore. The bustling atmosphere, the bargains, the thrill of haggling, and the assault on the senses. Laura Pujol, co-founder of footwear brand, Zyne, gives us the ultimate guide to navigating them.

Laura Pujol and her business partner Zineb Britel created their footwear brand, Zyne, out of a passion for the babouche, an iconic shoe worn throughout Morocco. Encapsulating centuries of history – from the effervescent buzz of the souks, to the timeless landscapes across the country – this woven shoe is classic piece of culture, craftsmanship, and heritage that has been modernised by Zyne with the spirit of wanderlust and glamour, while preserving the ancient crafting techniques by using female artisans in Morocco.


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Laura gives us inside information about magical Marrakech, including where to head for hand-crafted gems, hidden boutiques, products from local artisans, and spots that only the locals know.

What time of year do you recommend visiting Marrakech?

You can visit Marrakech any time of the year but I personally prefer the city towards the end of the year, it is a bit cooler and breezy. 

Where should we be heading?

The Medina is the main square of the city and always filled with locals and tourists; here you can find stalls selling orange juice from traditional brass cups, as well as snake charmers and folk dancers. Divided into small sections, on one side of the square you will find the souks, and in Jemaa el-Fnaa – the main entrance – you’ll find food stands, mirrors, babouche shoes, and anything else you can think of.

Elsewhere, the Mellah area is especially known for its selection of colourful fabrics and ornate accessories and for clothes makers.

If you want the souk experience with a little less mess then I highly recommend Souk Cherifia. It’s located within a shopping centre, and far easier to navigate than the larger Marrakech souks. The products are similar to those found lining the streets, but presented in a more orderly fashion. Quality is usually high, but the price comes along with it.

Souk Recommendations

1. Place des Epices is a rooftop restaurant surrounded by baskets. It’s iconic and relaxed.

2. Souk des Bijoutiers is great for shopping gems, jewels and gleaming precious metals.

3. My personal favourite is Azrar Jewellery, traditional African and Moroccan decorative jewels.


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Where should I shop for homeware?

Soufiane Zarib is a contemporary high-design homeware and rug shop.



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Fashion Finds

Where should I shop for fashion?

Moro is a concept store with men’s and women’s fashion, jewellery, and homeware while L’Ourika Boutique has beautiful velvet jackets and traditional kaftans. Marrakshi Life is unisex, slow fashion brand, offering luxe pieces in unique patterns and colours.



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Moroccan Artisans

Your shoes are handmade by female artisans in Morocco, where are the best places to find artisanal pieces?

Head to Sidi Ghanem, it’s an industrial zone for makers and sellers. Some of my personal favourites are:

1. Jahjah by Hassan Hajjaj: Concept store and cafe
2. Magasin Général: Vintage and unique homeware pieces
3. Héritage Berbère: One of the best cosmetic and perfume houses
4. Tribaliste: Some of the best Berber rugs
5. Beni Rugs: Heritage quality handwoven rugs
6. Maison Sarayan: Interior design boutique
7. Arzen: Brass artisanal house
8. LRNCE: A homeware and objets shop that has had a lot of international coverage



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Where should we eat and drink in Marrakech? 

For breakfast I love the Petit Cornichon at the Selman Hotel, or the L’Italien at the La Mamounia Hotel. The Royal Mansour has an amazing restaurant by their pool, which is perfect for lunch. If you’re spending the day at the Medina then have lunch at Le Jardin or Mandala Society. For drinks and dancing Comptoir Darna or Bo Zin are the best places, and I love El Fenn’s rooftop bar too.

Insider Tips

Any do’s and don’ts?


-Buy from local shops and artisans
-Try out new and local food 
-Learn to negotiate at the souk


-Fall into a tourist trap
-Wear heels in the city

Describe Marrakech in one word.

It’s impossible to describe in one word, especially when it comes to the Marrakech souks. To sum up the city I’d say: There’s an eclectic vibe, it’s happiness therapy, and you will always experience the unexpected. 

What should I pack for my trip?

A swimsuit is a must as you’ll definitely want to relax and read a book by your hotel pool. A camera to capture the beautiful scenery, and all the colours of Marrakech. And of course, your favourite Zyne raffia shoes to wear around town. Don’t pack too much as you’ll find so many amazing pieces here that you’ll want to wear and take home. 

What to Pack

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