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Replicate The Hotel Bedroom At Home

There’s something about a well-designed hotel room that feels so luxe. Relaxing yet elegant, calming yet energising. We show you how to say goodbye to tired furnishings at home, and hello to the ultimate hotel-at-home experience.

Perhaps it’s the plush, goose-down pillows, or the high thread count on the bed linen. Maybe it’s the fancy bedside lamp, or the easy-to-reach coffee machine in the morning. Whichever element of the perfect hotel stay is your favourite – indeed, even if you must have it all – we have good news, we’ve found the ideal way to create the mood at home. The best news, it’s cost-effective, too. 

Introducing BrandAlley, the secret weapon we’re using to kit out our homes in comfort – and style. Here’s how. 

First things first: the bed. The thread count of your linen should be high, pillows stuffed with goose down. Ideally Hungarian. We love this king size, 800 thread count bed linen, paired with these Hungarian Goose Down pillows. Trust us, you won’t want to wait for the day to be over before jumping in. 

But before you do, indulge in some evening pamper time using L’Occitane bathroom products (popular at many of the best hotels) to lather up a storm in the shower, before drying off using this Calvin Klein bath towel – there’s a hand towel, too – then slipping on a clean white robe.

Perhaps a spot of bedtime reading before you snooze? Make it special with a fun bedside table and lamp. This rather fabulous honey-comb Harley Bee Table Lamp, along with some fresh flowers in this vase will add glamour to your evening, before you head into the land of Nod. After what we’re sure has been a great night’s sleep, there’s only one thing for it. Coffee. Set this SMEG espresso coffee machine up in your bedroom, sipping from these Tom Dixon espresso cups, for the perfect morning. We suggest slinking back into bed to drink it with the papers: whatever you have planned for the rest of the day can wait.


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