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11 Innovative Companies Changing The Face Of Travel

In a world brimming with new ideas, travel is no exception. We’re shining a spotlight on the people and places ushering in changes to the way we travel. Here are the 11 innovative companies changing the face of travel. 

Today, it seems, we really do have the whole world at our feet. From virtual explorations of famous artwork, tech innovations giving us a better hotel experience, platforms allowing more informed decisions about accessibility, and a luxury travel concierge in the palm of our hands. These 11 innovative companies are changing the face of travel, making it a better experience for travellers everywhere.

1. Wheel The World

The first person to complete the Patagonia trek by wheelchair, Chilean entrepreneur Alvaro Silverstein, envisioned a more accessible world for all. In 2018 he co-founded Wheel the World, an online platform collating information about accessibility at global attractions, helping travellers make more informed decisions. To date they operate in more than 40 countries, and have helped 1,300 people find suitable places to stay and things to do in countries including Japan, Italy, Costa Rica and Morocco.



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2. Mews

As a guest, you won’t see the tech that Mews is implementing at hotels all over the globe. Putting the art of hospitality back into hotels, their tech means that staff can spend less time behind a computer and more time helping with the things that really matter, like showing you where the nearest champagne bar is. Their self check-in and check-out are also a real time-saver, as well as automated payments on the coffees, dinners, and drinks you order while staying – so there’s less work for you, too.

3. Impala

In the very simplest of terms, Impala is reducing the complexity – and cost – of the outdated booking technology still used by so many hotels. In doing so, new travel booking companies – ones with clearer visibility on their customers – are springing up allowing us, the traveller, to find accommodation that really works for us. Two such companies that have recently launched are RemoteDream and Wagaway, the first offering guest discounts for longer stays, the second helping you find the right hotel for you – and for your dog.

4. Virgin Galactic

Once upon a time, space travel was reserved for astronauts only. Virgin Galactic is changing that, and putting space on the travel bucket-list for anyone. Well, anyone with a cool £390,000 to spend on a ticket. Launching from New Mexico, flights are set to lift off in 2023, with more than 700 tickets sold so far. One thing we love about Virgin’s space ambitions is that they’re actively working to make sure more female astronauts are part of it, adding Beth Moses and Shrisha Bandla to the list in 2019 and 2021.


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5. The Metaverse

No list of innovations would be complete without taking a look at how the Metaverse is changing the way we travel. While we don’t foresee virtual holidays taking off  – afterall, who would want to holiday from their sofa when you can be exploring new sights, tasting new foods, and digging through new stores? – we do love how they may enable enhanced hotel tours (check if the pool is up-to-standard before you book), and allow us to get personal with art, including with paintings such as the Mona Lisa.

6. TikTok

What was once only cited as a platform for synchronised dancing and teen shenanigans, TikTok has now become one of the most powerful platforms for information sharing. With a myriad of businesses using this platform to become content machines, every hotspot in the world can be uncovered in record time. With every glamazon influencer and travel expert in the world utilising the algorithm to their advantage, there is almost no stone left unturned when it comes to travel and lifestyle recommendations.

7. Step.Your.World

With aesthetics driven by an idealised version of Instagram, infused with the connectivity of Yelp, Step has created something of wunderkind combination. Made for sharing and connectivity, on Step, you can store your best recommendations. From chic little hole-the-walls, to stiletto clad cocktail bars, this app will soon become your treasure trove for storing and finding the coolest hangouts in the world. Curated with an effortlessly-engrained chic sensibility, you’ll not only want to download this app, but share with all your most fashionable pals.


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8. Brevity

Trending locations on Brevity include the South of France and The Hamptons, which perhaps tells you everything you need to know about the level of service you’ll receive on signing up. An extension of the luxury travel concierge team, this is an app that provides curated recommendations according to your specific needs and wants. Select a city, dates, and interests and you’ll have recommendations – all personlly vetted – back within 24 hours.

9. Apple Air Tags

We’ve lost count of the amount of people who have arrived at their destination this summer, only to find their luggage hadn’t made quite the same journey. We’ve also heard horror stories of some who weren’t reunited with all their precious belongings until after the holiday was over. We’re backing Apple Air Tags to solve the problem. Pop them into your luggage before you fly so you can track its journey. We hope your luggage makes it safely to your destination along with you but, if it doesn’t, you’ll at least know where in the world it is.

10. Plum Guides

If Airbnb is a dart board, Plum Guides is the bullseye. Curating the best-of-the-best holiday rentals – only the top three per cent in every destination make the cut – booking with Plum Guides means you’ll get it right, every time. To maintain the high standards they send real-life Home Critics into each and every property to assess it, marking it against 150 criteria, from design aesthetic to the sociability of the space, pillow quality to water pressure, and WiFi speed. Why deal with holiday rentals that only meet half the mark when you could be staying in properties like this invisible house near Joshua Tree, California.


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11. Cadence

The keen and seasoned traveller knows that every trip comes with a little sprinkle of chaos. Sometimes in the flurry of it all, a touch of organisational calm can do wonders. That’s the ethos of Cadence; customisable, leak proof, and magnetic containers that help you store all your things in a cohesive manner. Whether it’s vitamins, or facial lotion, these containers can be labelled to their specification and are easily attachable so you never loose anything in your bag. Even better: they are TSA certified, as well as formulated using 50% recycled material and ocean-bound plastic.



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