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The Beauty Edit

'Til The Last Drop #39

Welcome to ‘Til The Last Drop: a bi-monthly column in which we, the CF Editorial Team, share a review of a favourite cult product that we use to the last drop. This week’s featured product is Ignae: The Regenerating Body Oil.

We’ve messaged all our friends and family, at all hours of the day, with recommendation requests for everything from “the budget gel moisturiser that works with combination skin” to “the hard-hitting eye cream that will make Botox a last resort”, and queries on “whether X, Y, and Z from the current trending brand are REALLY worth the hype”.

Such incessant inquiries sparked this column, where we’ll cover best-selling names alongside under-the-radar brands to note. You’ll hear about blow-the-budget products that live up to their hefty price tag and the purse-friendly steals.

We’ll be sharing all our intel with you right here every other week. Tune in.


In a world where face skin care can reign king, the Ignae Body Oil comes in to save the day in terms of luxurious and healthy full-body rejuvenation. An incredible blend of botanical oils and actives, infused with Bakuchiol, this serum is aimed to armor the skin against photo damage. No longer are the days of ashy, dry, and flakey skin, say hello to collagen boosting, hydrated bliss. Application can work both in morning and night, an overachieving product to get you the most celebrated results. Welcome fall without the anxiety of dullness, and get ready to be pampered. 


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