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Through The Lens With Travel Photographer, Carley Rudd

While most of us use photography to share our lives and travels with others via social media, there are some whose relationship with the camera delves much deeper. Travel photographer and artist, Carley Rudd, is one of them.

Carley’s passion for capturing the beauty of people and places in our world is clear in her images. She’s made a career out of her wanderlust and curiosity, living in Bali, Portugal, Los Angeles, Italy, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua and New York, shooting images for names such as Vogue, National Geographic, Dwell Magazine, Architectural Digest, and more.

We spoke to Carley about some of her favourite images shot over the years, and she gave us insight into the backstory behind them. This is Through The Lens With Carley Rudd.


Location: Mallorca, Spain


Location: Vinalhaven Island, Maine, USA


Location: The Sahara Desert, Morocco


Location, Amanzoe, Peloponnese, Greece

Location: Bondi Beach, Australia

Location: Kos, Greece

Location: Algarve, Portugal


Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Location: Salento, Puglia, Italy 


Location: Dixon House, Venice, California 

Carley’s top tip for travel photography: Slow down, be present and deeply observe where you are. This will help you capture the true essence of a place. I always ask the locals where their favourite beaches, views, and must-see spots are too. Getting off the beaten path will help you offer a unique point of view, and a little spontaneity is good for the creative soul.



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