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Your November 2022 Horoscope: The Travel Edition

Greetings from the cosmos, and welcome to your November 2022 Horoscope.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Eclipse season is officially upon us. This celestial event ushers in huge, life-changing shifts – the kind that can be used to work on some powerful life developments if you know where to focus your energy.

Occurring in pairs over a six-month cycle, this particular set of eclipses takes place across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, impacting each sign in a different way. It’s not necessarily the best time for spontaneous travel, unless you’re able to block out an hour or two for quiet contemplation on or around Tuesday 8 November, during the potent lunar eclipse in Taurus.

Travel is likely to be smoother during the second half of November, when Venus, Mercury and the Sun all slink into Sagittarius, switching up the cadence of the month and making us all a lot more adventurous than the previous few weeks.

Read on to discover your November 2022 horoscope.

Capricorn Rising

You have already encountered some immense revelations this year and that’s set to continue this month with eclipse season – a slightly chaotic two-week window which started with a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October – underway. The very prospect of travel might feel a little blurry or out of reach for the foreseeable during eclipse season chaos, simply because your mind is elsewhere. There’s no rush: Mars is moving backwards in Gemini, a transit that will continue all the way until 12 January 2023. Even the act of planning an itinerary or getting nerdy about the logistics of a future trip could work wonders in keeping your busy mind at bay while you ride out this climatic period.

Aquarius Rising

It’s time for some deep reflection. Eclipse season magnify some major themes relating to your public image and career direction this month. How do you perceive yourself now? How have you changed since the last set of eclipses in April 2022? A lunar eclipse on 8 November brings attention to your home life as you begin to take on more responsibility in some form. As for travel, this month’s celestial activity suggests letting the air clear and recalibrating mid-month when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all sweep into Sagittarius, marking an excellent time for embarking on amorous adventures with your favourite travel companion.

Pisces Rising

The way you travel and see the world is in a state of flux. This month’s Taurus lunar eclipse on 8 November will spotlight an innate desire to embark on a spiritual sojourn, or even a yearning to uproot altogether. There’s been a lot of fog in the air following a period of planetary retrogrades through September to October; in many ways, as a mutable sign, you’re ready for change – even if it is hugely transformational. Later in the month, there’s a culmination of fire energy in the air with a series of planets transiting Sagittarius. Be sure to save time for self-care during the new moon on 23 November, a time for prioritising pleasure and slowing down a little.

Aries Rising

November begins with a lunar eclipse in Taurus, a transit that activates the parts of your chart pertaining to your relationship with money. This half of the month will be fairly laidback for Aries Rising signs in the realm of travel. Your zest for life is back in full swing in the latter half of the month when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all meet up in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign known for being the zodiac’s globetrotter. Channel these action-packed transits with an exhilarating ski trip, or anything that allows you to burn up excess energy during the day.

Taurus Rising

November marks a month of major shifts with eclipse season in full swing. This is a significant period for Taurus Rising signs because this particular lunar eclipse takes place in the sign of the bull, magnifying certain relationships that no longer serve you. Eclipses can be chaotic, exhausting, and simultaneously cathartic; think of this period as a celestial checkpoint and be sure to prioritise rest. Your ruling planet, Venus, sweeps into Sagittarius on 16 November, lightening the mood at just the right moment. Getting out and about in the great outdoors feels astrologically appropriate at this time, whether it’s a casual ramble around your local park, or a cycling adventure.

Gemini Rising

November begins with a potent Lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November, an astrological transit that happens to be activating an area of your chart pertaining to your health and wellbeing. This isn’t necessarily a travel-centric period for you, and that can remain the case for much of the month. Stick to your local haunts and explore new neighbourhoods to keep any excess nervous energy at bay. The cadence of the month begins to shift around mid-November with a series of planetary transits: first, Venus enters Sagittarius, your opposite sign, followed by Mercury and the Sun. This is when your focus shifts to foreign travel and making new connections with kindred spirits. You could be feeling more restless around this time. Consider a winter excursion that balances themes of wellness and hedonism.

Cancer Rising

November and December will be fun months to travel, but certain planetary shifts suggest planning around the lunar eclipse on 8 November. Eclipses can be exhausting; after all, they are known for inviting radical change, which, for Cancer Rising signs, happens to be centred on themes of romance, dating, and forming new friendships. Travel could feel like a chore around this time while dealing with these major life developments brought on by the eclipses. Have you been craving a short break, or even considering a solo trip? As Venus, Mercury, and the Sun pivot into Sagittarius around mid-October, make time for a spa weekend or a restorative retreat to recuperate, especially if it involves scenic walking trails, or contemplative coastal hikes. Ideally both.

Leo Rising

The astrology of November is a bit of a mixed bag: first, there’s the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November. For Leo Risings, there’s been a particular focus on your foundational needs and where you find joy. The way you perceive your external self is shifting. Travelling has helped in many ways as you step outside your comfort zone, time and time again, mastering the art of oversharing with complete strangers who then become your biggest fans. You’ll receive a boost of energy by the end of the month with a sequence of planets all sweeping through globetrotting Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign. It’s an energetic shift worth travelling for.

Virgo Rising

There are a few notable planetary changes this month worth jotting down. First: it’s eclipse season – a rocky time for making any impulsive travel arrangements. A lunar eclipse in Taurus acts as a celestial checkpoint, signalling a powerful cycle of transformation to do with your educational pursuits. Looking to bolster your knowledge in an area of interest? Now would be the time to refine a skill or take up a new course. If you are travelling around early November, let’s hope it involves an alfresco tub for basking under the supercharged Taurus full moon beams – glass of fizz in hand to welcome in a whole new six-month cycle. Stewing on an idea that could take off? Don’t overthink it: Mercury’s move into Sagittarius on 17 November is here to give you a much-needed celestial boost.

Libra Rising

You enter November in hibernation mode following the antics of your solar return last month. For the first half of the month, the prospect of travel only appeals if it involves glamping under the stars with your SO, or cosying by the fire somewhere in the countryside. The lunar eclipse on 8 November activates the parts of your chart related to finances, money and self-transformation, so you can expect some major revelations in this area – a theme that continues to develop for the next six months. Life’s a party by the end of the month when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all enter Sagittarius. Expect a slew of invites to come rolling in around this time, especially from friends and acquaintances who are based overseas.

Scorpio Rising

November begins with a lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November, activating an area of your chart related to your identity and sense of self. It’s been a year of re-grappling with your authentic self, a theme that was first initiated in the first set of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses this time last year. How far you’ve come, Scorpio. Sometimes it helps to regain perspective by completely stepping away from your day-to-day. Make some time for quiet contemplation in this two-week window. Above all: it’s your season to shine as the Sun moves through Scorpio for the first half of the month. Here’s to the new you – and plenty of adventures to come.

Sagittarius Rising

Getting back into the rhythm of a workout routine? Eclipse season will activate the area of your chart focused on health and wellbeing, bringing to light the ways in which you exert energy through your physical body. Prioritise bodily self-care during this period, and let loose later in the month in time for your annual solar return on 21 November. This will be an excellent time for forming deep connections with others – preferably on a fun-filled escapade in a warm and tropical destination. As long as you feel free, you’re not too fussed; anywhere that promises daring trails and breathtaking panoramas will do.

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