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The Beauty Edit

CF Editors Pick Their Favourite Beauty Products This November

Citizen Femme is here to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping, or find the next product you won’t be able to live without.

From detox masks and hand creams to glossy lips and rose fragrances, these are the beauty picks that have made it into our routines this month.


The Hibernicis Exfoliating Gel is a must to recharge after a long day. The cooling menthol from spearmint and peppermint essential oils provides an essential end of day refreshment, along with a mix of seaweed extracts to exfoliate and moisturise the body. To be applied before your bath or shower on dry or damp skin, we recommend before evening bathtime followed by a long, generous soak. 


Glossy lips are here to stay and the glazé lip lacquer by Code8 is the evident choice to get the look. With a precision applicator and one quick sweep, the Glazé Lip Lacquer delivers a highly pigmented, semi-glossy film that melts onto the lips in perfect adhesion while leaving them beautifully hydrated. The result is three-dimensional, smudge-free, and well-defined lips that shine with bold, sophisticated hues.



Winter temperatures mean our skin needs extra care and the right product makes all the difference. The Geranium hand cream is Bamford’s bestselling product, and for good reason. This blend of aloe vera, honey and golden jojoba offers plenty of nourishment for the hands, nails and cuticles, all in a lightweight formula with the brand’s signature geranium scent. 


If you're short on time, this is the 10 minute miracle mask. With ingredients like Lactobionic Acid, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C and Papaya, this indulgent creamy gel mask packed with Vitamin C, Passion Fruit and Lactic Acid from The Organic Pharmacy replenishes the skin and gives the illusion of a glow-from-within, with the no harsh chemicals that might contaminate it.  

If you’re short on time, this is the 10 minute miracle mask.


We're all over Ere Perez at the moment. Her rich cultural heritage, growing up in Mexico with a traditional medicine man grandfather and a mother’s flair for home remedies & beauty recipes, meant nature and healing were inevitable in her line of work. Introducing the lychee crème corrector. Lauded for good reason – it's available in 6 different shades and corrects skin tone, hydrates + brightens and keeps your complexion bright and fresh, thanks to the combination of lychee, vitamin e and c. They call it "sleep in a bottle" for a reason.

They call it sleep in a bottle for a reason.


The right candle is the final touch that can turn any house into a home, and no-one knows that manages this better than Jo Malone. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the brand has created this magical blend of rose absolute, rose de mai and ambrette seed to fill your space with a delicate yet unforgettable fragrance.



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