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Your December 2022 Horoscope: The Travel Edition

Greetings from the cosmos, and welcome to your December 2022 Horoscope. Party season is upon us, so we’ve whipped together a playful list of potions (cocktails) to match your rising sign.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Elementally, December’s planetary action ebbs and flows between a lot of earth, air, and fire energy throughout the course of the month. It’s a fun-packed mix of celestial juxtapositions, with Mercury sweeping into Capricorn followed by Venus and the Sun. These transits may not be directly associated with travel at all times, but they do have an impact on each sign’s energy – and where to focus that energy. The Gemini full moon is a big one, landing on 7 December. Full moons mark a time for rest and release: in Gemini, it’s likely to be playful and informational – better get mingling!

There are some planets and transits that are more directly related to travel: Jupiter, which governs travel and philosophy, sweeps into Aries this month; Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde (again). Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, everyone knows how mischievous Mercury can be when in retrograde. But it’s not as dramatic as the memes make out; if anything, this transit gives us time to tie up some loose ends, run a few errands, and see in 2023 more conscientiously.

Read on to discover your December 2022 horoscope.

Capricorn Rising

You’re entering December in hibernation mode, but that’s about to shift dramatically when Mercury, Venus, and the Sun soar into your sign this month, paving the way for the cosmic stellium in your sign. In succession, these three planets are serving up three major themes pertaining to your sign: commitment, motivation, and structure. If you happen to be travelling during the Gemini full moon on 7 December, let yourself be open to the idea of spontaneity and straying from the itinerary a little. There’s no harm in shifting the schedule as long as you have a skeletal structure to go by.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Whatever the astrological weather, an Old Fashioned is a classic and elegant tipple of choice to complement a Capricorn rising.

Aquarius Rising

You’re starting the month on a creative high with a full moon in Gemini on 7 December. From an astrological perspective, this is prime time for manifestation: where are you hoping to travel next year? In what way can you travel more responsibly? You’re the activist of the zodiac, after all. These are the sorts of questions that could crop up, so have your answers ready even if they appear non-linear on paper. Planning ahead? Keep an eye on Jupiter’s move into Aries on 20 December, a transit that calls for new adventures. Under this transit, you are eager to form deep connections with others and soak up as much knowledge and adventure as possible.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Curious and individualistic, Aquarius rising signs are likely to be drawn to a Pisco Sour in a champagne flute, if just to defy the norm.

Pisces Rising

There are a few notable planetary changes worth keeping in mind this month. Mercury’s move into Capricorn on 6 dDecember calls for action, a transit that’s focused on communication. Try to avoid any confrontation on this day. If there’s an itinerary clash, it would be wise to compromise in some form to avoid any tricky discussions. You can exhale during the Gemini full moon on 7 December, a lunar lift that calls for lighthearted repartee and a cosy cabin escape with your favourite travel companion.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: A creative recipe perfectly complements Pisces’ free-spirited nature, such as a coconut rendition of a classic Mojito.

Aries Rising

Feeling social? We enter December in the middle of Sagittarius season, a convivial period for Aries rising signs. Lighthearted conversations abound during the Gemini full moon, whether you’re surrounded by strangers or loved ones. Mid-month, you could be feeling a lot more introspective with a slew of planets sweeping into Capricorn, causing a cosmic stellium. Try to carve out time to indulge in an outdoorsy adventure. It could be a day trip to the countryside or a solo hike in a nearby park. Either way, you’ll be glad to reset in time for the Capricorn new moon and the new year.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: A Dark ’n’ Stormy is your cocktail of choice this Sagittarius season, a delicious concoction of dark rum and ginger to match your fiery nature.

Taurus Rising

This is likely to be a month of mini road trips and short-distance weekend breaks as you catch up with loved ones for the festive season. Your ruling planet, Venus, sweeps into practical Capricorn on 9 December, inviting you to be honest with yourself about what you want in the realm of relationships. Think of this astrological event as a celestial boost of confidence; it feels good to speak your mind. Plan an artsy city break around the Gemini full moon on 7 December, one that allows you to mooch around art galleries and Christmas markets serving crafty goodies and warming mugs of mulled wine.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: A sensual Martini is your astrological match, a grown-up and sophisticated tipple of choice best enjoyed during an intimate tête-à-tête.

Gemini Rising

The first half of December is an energetic and partnership-focused time for Gemini rising signs, with the Sun marching through open-minded Sagittarius. Whether you’re travelling or not, there’s likely to be an array of calendar invites to look forward to as you flit from one soirée to the next. You’re ending the month in a contemplative state of mind when your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde in Capricorn on 29 December. Pacify any mental turbulence around this time by grounding your physical body in nature.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Gemini rising signs are known for being immediately approachable and bubbly, which is why your cocktail of choice has to be a vibrant Singapore Sling.

Cancer Rising

You’re starting December with a focus on work and wellness while the Sun continues its month-long voyage in Sagittarius. In relation to travel, you could be finding ways to achieve work-life balance by planting yourself in various destinations at a time for remote work, or at least considering this approach. As a homebody, it’s ideal to have a base. Use the Gemini full moon on 7 December to draw up a list of places you could provisionally call a home-from-home; but don’t be surprised or frustrated if your ideas appear in a non-linear sequence. Trust these moonbeams.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Cancer rising signs are natural-born dinner party hosts. Blue Lagoon is a quick and easy, three-ingredient cocktail to share with loved ones this Christmas.

Leo Rising

December’s celestial activity is more travel focused around the beginning of the month for Leo rising signs, save for Jupiter’s move into Aries on 20 December. As with most transits, this shift in energy doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. Instead, the astrological weather is asking you to keep an open mind and look forward to Aries season 2023 – a prime time for jumping on a road trip and travelling overseas. There are a few transits you can tap into this month to get your ideas in order, starting with the Gemini full moon on 7 December. Speak your travel wishes into existence.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Leo rising signs are bold, flashy, and sociable, best represented by an extravagant cocktail such as a Long Island Iced Tea.

Virgo Rising

December’s celestial activity re-shifts your focus after a foggy few weeks. Halfway through the month, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all leave Sagittarius for Capricorn, a sequence of transits that arrive in quick succession to bolster your confidence. As you continue to hone a new skill or work passionately towards a goal, make sure to block out an hour or two to indulge in some healthy hedonism, ideally travelling for pleasure rather than work if there’s opportunity to do so.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: A no-frills Negroni is best suited for Virgo rising signs, a reliable, three-ingredient cocktail prepared with masterful precision.

Libra Rising

Mars is retrograde in your sector of foreign travel, so there’s no rush in travelling overseas this December. In many ways, that comes as a relief as Sagittarius season comes to a close, a period that could spur an impulsive appetite for freedom. Mid-month, you’re more than happy to keep things local with your ruling planet shifting into Capricorn – a big deal for lovely Libra risings as relationships and finances (Venus themes) become the absolute focus. A boost of inspiration in the realm of travel could crop up around 20 December when Jupiter enters outgoing Aries, a planetary transition worth having on your radar through 2023.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Libra rising signs are all about balance, whether sipping celebratory mimosas at the airport or a signature gin and tonic.

Scorpio Rising

You’ve been enjoying short trips here and there lately; you’re the queen of wholesome weekend breaks. Could it be time to switch things up? Spend some time alone during the Gemini full moon to gather your thoughts. Mid-month around the Winter Solstice, a Capricorn new moon keeps you grounded, though you’re keen for a change of environment with Jupiter soaring into Aries on 20 December. Spending Christmas away from home this year may well be on the agenda.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: A sensual Manhattan would suit a sleek Scorpio rising while dressed in an all-black ensemble to match your enigmatic aura.

Sagittarius Rising

December begins with a series of planetary shifts. Make note of the Gemini full moon on 7 December and Jupiter’s move into outgoing Aries on 20 December. These planetary shifts will be focalising your need for independence and freedom, so much so that you could be inspired to embark on (yet another) solo adventure. Take yourself to the slopes or anywhere with wide open spaces before the Sun shifts into Capricorn, a sign associated with ambition, work, and taking action.

Your Rising Sign Cocktail This December: Adventurous and playful, Sagittarius rising signs will be starting the night with a Piña Colada to conjure images of beachy adventures.

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