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Meet Homeware Designer Issy Granger

Since launching in 2019, Issy Granger has been developing a series of beautiful interiors collections that showcase her eclectic and joyful style.

Following in the footsteps of her artist mother and grandmother, Issy has created a world where art and design are at the very core. As much practical interior items as they are beautiful works of art, they all start life as a drawing in Issy’s sketchbook. Once ready, Issy searches for the best possible craftsmen and women to breathe life into her pencil sketches and to transform them into the stunning finished creations that fill the shelves.

Alongside a stunning glassware collection made up of carafes, wine glasses, tumblers, and high balls each with her original Pom design, Issy has a beautiful candlestick range which she has become well known for (and which now also includes two ceramic style candlesticks), as well as blankets and throws, linens which include dual coloured napkins and tablecloths and, more recently, a new ceramics collection.

Let’s go back to the beginning. How did it all start? 

It really all began just over 5 years ago when I started making ottomans and footstools in the mornings and evenings before and after work. I sold my first ottoman not long after I began, to a customer in New York and had absolutely no idea how to get it there! It was a bit of a baptism of fire but I managed it – the ottoman arrived in one piece and the customer, who happened to be model Adwoa Aboah, loved it! Since then the company has evolved so much and I now focus on the design and leave the making of our products to our highly-skilled makers and manufacturers.


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Why Ancient Greek and Roman art for inspiration? 

I have always loved Ancient Greek and Roman art stories. As a child I was obsessed by a story cassette tape that I had about the Greek heroes and would listen to the same tales over and over again. The strength of design and creation in Ancient Greece and Rome is extraordinary and I have for a long time admired the statues, sculptures, and figures both from the time and those made in inspiration of that period.


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When the galleries and museums had just opened again after lockdown, I went to an almost deserted British Museum and spent a day in the Greek and Roman section wandering amongst the figures from the tales and stories I had loved as a child. I came across two wonderful figures on a Roman plinth that dated back to 100 AD. These two lively, musical characters are the direct inspiration for our Marsyas Jug and Mytro Vase. Marsyas and Myrto were two followers of Bacchus and our Bacchus Plate depicts a figure of the God himself. As a trio they represent festivity, love, and joyful abandon. I was so excited by the idea of taking inspiration from this time and incorporating it into my designs.

What makes your pieces so special? 

Great design and high-quality production is at the heart of every product. I design all of our pieces to be beautiful and also practical. It is essential that they are a joyful addition to the home but also fulfil their purpose. It is this combination that I believe makes them so special.

What do you think it is about the candlestick and its importance on a table?

I truly believe that the candlestick really is an object like no other. They are fantastic pieces on their own but crucially when paired with a candle they become more than an object – they become an atmosphere maker. The mood created by a flickering candle is second to none – it relaxes, softens and soothes an entire room and everyone in it. Whether it’s a dinner for one, for two or a party for thirty – with candles and candlesticks on a table the evening is taken to the next level, and the table decor is enhanced ten fold.

Tell us about your new ceramic range

I was so excited by the idea of incorporating my love of antiquity into my designs. Our Jug, Vase and Serving Plate offer the unique opportunity to welcome a piece of history into your home. The designs span two millennia which is a pretty mad thought and something I find so exciting. Whilst they incorporate so much history, the pieces also don’t take themselves too seriously. I love the idea of our Bacchus Serving Plate laden with canapés and as each one is taken from the plate, little by little, the semi-naked Roman god is revealed. The trio are beautiful, joyful and a bit mischievous – a fantastic combination.


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What are your tips on tablescaping over the Festive season and when entertaining at home? 

The festive season is all about abundance. This doesn’t necessarily mean going over the top with really expensive table decor but rather making a table rich with foliage, ornaments and candlelight. Traditional dried orange slices, foraged holly, and fir branches are a few of my favourites and are a simple and cost effective way to make a truly standout festive tablescape. I combine these with candles and candlesticks of different heights to create depth and variation on the table. Baubles aren’t just for the tree and our glass baubles look particularly beautiful dotted between the foliage and glinting in the candlelight. For an exciting new addition to the table, this year I designed Alphabet Ornaments which work beautifully as exceptionally stylish table place names.

Who are your go-to designers to create your ideal room and table (along with your pieces of course)? 

A few favourites are Rita Konig, Emma Ainscough, Beata Heuman, and Studio Ashby.

What would be your dream object to design? 

I began with furniture and would love one day to return to it. I have a particular love of chairs. They come in all guises, shapes and sizes – I’d love to let my imagination run wild with a chair.


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