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The Beauty Edit

Expert-Backed Beauty Products To Make Flying More Comfortable

Frequent flyers know that the best in-flight beauty products can make your plane experience more comfortable and stress-free.

From relaxing sleep aids to cosy beauty accessories, these are the items that beauty experts trust to make both short-and-long haul flying a smoother experience.


No list of the best in-flight beauty products is complete without an eyemask to help you relax on the plane. Firstly, they block out light to encourage sleep whatever time the clock says, especially if you find a dark colour like this one from ESPA. Secondly, if you choose silk, the mask will be soft on the skin and can help smooth away tell-tale dehydration lines caused by flying.


The award-winning This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has long been trusted as a sleep aid for adults, with its effective essential oil blend of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile. Now, there's a duo that includes a spray for little ones too, so the whole family can hopefully drift off more easily.


If you struggle with feet and leg heaviness or cramping on flights, you can help ease discomfort (and avoid it happening in the first place) by using a cooling gel. Clarins' lotion makes the process feel luxurious with energising camomile, basil, sage and cypress. It can also be used over tights and stockings so isn't messy or inconvenient to quickly apply.


Not only does HoMedics' soft memory foam pillow provide your neck with some much needed support as you nod off mid-flight, but it also has the added benefit of a massage feature. There's two modes to choose from – either relaxing or deeper vibration-based massage – both of which start to knead away any built-up tension.



If your hand luggage liquids allowance doesn't have room for an individual antibacterial spray and hand cream, a simple trick is to simplify your packing by combining the two. That's where Grown Alchemist's hand cream comes in. The formula not only contains skin-soothing oils to combat the drying effect of the recycled plane air, but also utilises anti-bacterial tea-tree extract to offer a little extra protection against germs when you fly. 



If you only get yourself a drink when the flight attendants serve you food, you're going to quickly become dehydrated, probably without initially knowing it. In fact, the Aerospace Medical Association's advises drinking about 0.25 litres for every hour you are on the plane. Luckily, you can make that easier (and keep your water nicely chilled) by filling up a Chilly's water bottle before you board and asking for refills when required.


Whether its for soothing away pre-flight anxiety, helping you sleep more deeply or simply covering up bad airplane smells, the right essential oil blend can be one of the best in-flight beauty products to keep in your carry-on. When applied to your pulse points, Uma’s Pure Bliss Wellness Oil has the ability to both elevate your mood during boring long flights and ease tension with its long-lasting scent of rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, chamomile and lavender. 


From little ones experiencing their first flight (and not enjoying it) to the conversations of rather too chatty passengers, sometimes you just want to tune out everyone else on the plane. These Samsung earphones will help you settle down a little more easily and are shaped for comfortable wearing for long periods. 


Instead of relying on the in-flight blanket supplied by the airline, ensure you are always extra cosy with Raey's blanket/scarf and socks set with matching satin-lined eye mask. All three are made from a blend of recycled cashmere and merino so you'll definitely avoid any goosebumps caused by the plane's air conditioning. 


If you struggle with travel sickness when flying, or at any other time for that matter, you might want to consider this tincture as your secret weapon alongside any tablets you take. Ginger is proven to help calm unsettled stomachs and this aromatherapy roll-on applicator for your pulse points quickly delivers a calming blend of ginger root, lavender and geranium.

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