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The Beauty Edit

Eight Beauty and Wellness Trends You'll Actually Want To Try This Year

Every year, new beauty and wellness trends emerge courtesy of the forecasting experts and social media, promising to revolutionise our makeup, skincare and well-being routines. For 2023, it’s no different.

From innovative makeup and skincare tech to the single-day wellbeing reset, these are the beauty and wellness trends you’ll actually want to try this year.

1) TECH: Accessible beauty


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A post shared by Lancôme Official (@lancomeofficial)

If we placed inclusivity at the heart of makeup-tool innovation, what could the future hold? That question is set to be increasingly investigated in 2023, as the beauty industry turns its attention to helping everyone achieve flawless makeup and skincare. The year started with a beauty bang, as Lancôme unveiled HAPTA – a motorised stabilisation device designed to make applying makeup, such as lipstick, easier for individuals with reduced upper body mobility. Then, Estée Lauder announced a new beauty app for visually impaired customers too.

These big brands are definitely not the first to enter the inclusive beauty tool space: Guide Beauty have their award-winning makeup and brush collections and Olive & June have a patented nail varnish topper (both found Stateside). But, it is telling that both L’Oreal Group (who own Lancôme) and Estée Lauder Companies – the world’s biggest beauty corporations – are investing in inclusivity-first technology. It suggests that, in 2023 and beyond, the focus, quite rightly, is shifting to mainstream inclusion of thus-far under-considered demographics.

2) SKIN: A return to skincare 

Ironically, considering we call it skincare, most skin trends haven’t actually been that caring in recent years. From overuse of acids and retinoids to questionable social media hacks, it’s no wonder that more individuals than ever are asking for advice about sensitivities and other inflammation-based skin concerns. Factor in the catwalk’s return to ‘no makeup’ makeup and the pendulum has really started to swing.

Significantly, the trend is not simply about stripping back your skincare routine (although that may help anyone with a super lengthy regime). Instead, it’s a refocus on the basics and making sure you get them right. For example, #skinflooding which makes sure you really hydrate dry skin, and ceramide-rich moisturisers that support the skin barrier – another skincare trend.

Simultaneously, more and more doctors are seeking to tackle misinformation (while getting a slice of the beauty pie) by launching their own brands. Skin W1 by Dr Rabia Malik, Dr Leah Skincare and SkinWork are good recent examples. What’s especially notable about them again is a return to simplicity, with the basics, such as classic cleansers and moisturisers, being the true standouts. The aim: set the right foundation for flashier actives, such as retinol and vitamin C, for better results.

3) WELLNESS: Single day wellbeing retreats


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A post shared by Recharge Rooms (@rechargerooms)

Once upon a time, the idea of a simple spa day was enough to placate our wellbeing dreams. Not in 2023. With our lives busier than ever, the in-the-know luxury wellness connoisseur is looking for results-driven wellbeing. That means treatments and activities that have a noticeable, fast-acting effect on physical and mental health.

To provide the best results with minimal time investment, wellness spaces and hotels are offering therapies you can enjoy back-to-back, essentially creating your own wellbeing retreat in one day. At The Laslett, Recharge Rooms in Notting Hill, you’ll find the Recharge Boost package, which includes an Ozone Sauna session, a ‘Power Anti-Age and booster’ facial, and Recharge IV drip. Consider this the gold-standard location to soothe your body after long haul flights.

Likewise, leading wellness expert, Michelle O’Roques, now offers monthly single-day micro-retreats to allow individuals to “reflect, prioritise and reboot” their lives through self-care techniques, meditations and sound baths at the Folly Mews Therapie Sanctuary. Heckfield Place in Hampshire offers Cold Water Immersion Therapy and Forest Bathing alongside time with its wellbeing practitioners during its stays, while The Rosewood London has launched the Alchemy of Sleep Suite Package in partnership with Votary. The two-night stay utilises relaxing treatments, rituals and workouts to help you sleep better, not just at the hotel, but back home too.

4) HAIR: Every inch considered


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A post shared by Aveda UK (@avedauk)

“We’re living in a generation where hair health means just as much as visible results,” reveals the senior colourist at Live True London, Stéphane Ferraira. And, while 2022 acknowledged hair health by bringing our attention to the needs of the scalp, for 2023, holistic haircare is focusing all the way from root to tip.

First and foremost, anyone hanging onto that extra inch (or two), should treat themselves with a trip to the hairdressers. Dry ends in all hair types make it harder to get both sleek styles and neat curls, especially if you colour your hair. On the other hand, a blunt cut can immediately leave your hair looking and feeling healthier – there’s a reason “have you had a hair cut?” is considered a compliment. Plus, you don’t even need to lose much length to achieve the desired effect, especially if you continue with 2022’s focus on scalp scrubs to keep roots volumised.

Your hairstylist can provide personalised haircare advice as hair can be as individual as your skin concerns. That said, it’s likely any health-boosting routine will include a nourishing treatment or mask. In fact, searches for dry-scalp treatments are up 70% year-on-year and natural hair masks for growth are up 80% too. Brand wise, Olaplex has long been a popular option, but it is seeing hot competition from K18 among others.

5) FRAGRANCE: Mood-boosting classics


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A post shared by Guerlain (@guerlain)

In happy news for fragrance traditionalists or those favouring a tried-and-trusted approach to perfume, there’s predicted to be a return to classic fragrant favourites in 2023. “I think we’re likely to see a recyclable approach to nostalgic fragrances with consumers repurchasing old classics, such as Estée Lauder Modern Muse or Marc Jacobs Daisy,” reveals the head of marketing at The Fragrance Shop, Iember Gordan. “There’s something endearing about the fragrances that feel familiar and strongly tie to certain times in our lives.”

The familiarity of classic fragrances can have a positive effect on our moods as they can remind us of happy memories, and also our bank balances, as there’s a practicality to continuing to wear a much-loved scent during a time of economic uncertainty. But, as customers grow increasingly confident calling out unethical brand behaviour, these signature scents also require revisiting by companies to keep them suitable for the current market.

So, in 2023 expect to see classic scents in new revitalised packaging – whether that’s recyclable, carbon-aware or even refillable. The latter is especially exciting for experts like Gordan who predict refillable bottles will eventually mean “we’re able to continue using the same bottle, in the same way we’ve shifted with water bottles over the last ten years.” You can also anticipate many brands refocusing on telling new stories focused around the sustainability of their fragrance ingredients, a space in which luxury beauty houses, such as Guerlain are rising to the challenge.

6) MAKEUP: the new glossy


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A post shared by Dr. Hauschka GB (

Minimalist makeup has been ruling the runways once again, so for 2023 its all about application and placement for subtle skin enhancements. A light-handed approach to your base is easiest to achieve with lightweight products, so look to the new-generation of skin tints by MZ Skin and Dr Jart that still provide adequate coverage, as well as precision-tipped concealers to keep application light.

Subtle makeup doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your favourite glow-boosting products though. In fact, they can be the secret to making you look more awake, with a lit-from-within radiance that traditionally you might pack on the foundation to achieve. “In 2023 I think we’ll see glow-enhancing makeup that reaches higher up the face, with placement being focused on the temple and orbital bone versus the cheeks,” says resident makeup artist at Face The Future, Rachael Divers. This provides a more natural-looking glow.

“Using a liquid highlight allows it to sit on top of makeup, or bare skin without showing skin texture,” Divers continues. “Apply your highlighter when it’s at skin temperature for a more airbrushed finish, by first putting the product on your fingertips or palms, and then applying it with your fingers onto the places you want it. You can then continue using your fingers to stamp this on the temples, outside of eyes, and closer to the hairline.”

7) SKIN: Gen-Z brands grow up


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A post shared by BYOMA (@byoma)

In recent years, the beauty headlines have been stolen not by classic, heritage brands but new, often direct-to-consumer start-ups. The secret to their success: a focus on the diversity and social-media driven demographic of the Gen-Z audience.

The result has been a plethora of innovation-led formulas across makeup and skincare, focusing on younger demographics. The products tend to be encased in youthful, colourful packaging and come complete with big claims, all designed to catch the eye during a quick scroll on socials. It’s worked incredibly well for brands who took the initiative, with products frequently going viral and selling out based on personal recommendations online.

But, as 2023 starts there’s a stirring of change. The older Gen-Z audience are leaving their teenage years behind and younger individuals, who have incredible access to skincare education, will no longer accept formulas that are fun but ineffective. Plus, while it’s long been common practice for beauty brands to target specific demographics, this results-driven mindset now crosses all age groups. Individuals of all ages want the very best formulations, regardless of the brand’s marketing story.

As such, traditionally Gen-Z lines are attempting to ensure continued appeal to their original market as they age, while also expanding their focus to broader age groups too. Whether that’s introducing traditional ‘anti-ageing’ actives, such as retinol, into their skincare lines or showcasing older women in their advertising to demonstrate cross-generation effectiveness, 2023 is about Gen-Z innovation that appeals to all.

8) NAILS: Seasonal nail art


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A post shared by Duck & Dry (@duckanddry)

Playful makeup trends are everywhere in 2023 and you can embrace that wider trend through your nails too. Google searches for nail art ideas are already skyrocketing for 2023 and #nailart has over 35 billion video views on TikTok, so there’s plenty of inspiration to follow, even if you prefer a more subtle take on the trend.

In particular, seasonal-themed nail art is predicted to be especially popular, so expect to see plenty of red manis with doodled hearts for Valentine’s Day and spring pastels with graphic lines this year for Easter too. What’s more, there’s a self-care element to this approach. By booking in every season for a joyful yet still work-appropriate design, you are ensuring you make time for some much needed hand-based pampering.

It’s no surprise then, that while beauty businesses have definitely struggled post-pandemic, many nail salons are defying the closure trend. Case in point, Townhouse’s new central London-based expansion, Petit Townhouse Mayfair. Or, if you prefer to try your hand at home, there’s plenty of new tools to make the process easier. Ardell’s Play Pens mean you can doodle until your heart’s content, while Ciate’s Cheat Sheet nail wraps allow less creative types to join in the fun. Just remember the secret to long-lasting nail art at-home is a really good top coat.

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