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Tweak of the Week

Tweak Of The Week: Katie England's Top-To-Toe Lymphatic Massage

Tweak of the Week is Citizen Femme’s new beauty treatment and tweakment review series. From high-tech facials to device-driven body care, these are the tried-and-tested services that the CF team deem worth the investment.

This week, content & partnerships director Lucy Halfhead tried the Immersive 360° by Katie England Skin. It’s available at the NoMad hotel in London’s Covent Garden.

What is the Katie England Skin Immersive 360°?

The Immersive 360° is a full face and body treatment conceived by top facialist Katie England. It aims to regenerate your skin and lymphatic system for results that can be seen and felt both inside and out.

The treatment features a skin cleanse, two masks and a massage to open the lymph system – with half of the total treatment time dedicated to Katie’s renowned buccal massage – a technique that works intraorally (inside the mouth) to release jaw tension while creating lymphatic drainage and oxygenation.

How does the Immersive 360° work?

Get ready to hear about lymphatic drainage increasingly throughout 2023 – it’s one of beauty’s biggest trending treatments. The massage technique for face and body is designed to encourage the flow of lymph back to the lymph nodes, which are found in the neck and groin. This promotes better circulation and provides an overall depuffing effect.

Through scent, sound, pressure therapy massage and boosted oxygen intake, Katie England’s multi-sensory Immersive 360° supercharges this reactivation of the lymphatic system which detoxifies, stimulates blood flow to your skin, and supports metabolism. You wear a special trouser suit that administers a pressure therapy massage to the lower half of the body, while a nasal cannula is worn to simultaneously boost oxygen. Each treatment is individually tailored and results-driven.

Why should you be excited?

Partnering with Wild Source and Slimyonik for the treatment, Katie’s bespoke facials are elevated into the ultimate holistic experience: a 90-minute health retreat for skin, body and mind.

The location is one of the best in London; the treatment rooms at the Nomad are akin to the five-star hotel rooms that surround them, with abstract artworks, vintage lamps, velvet snug chairs and subway tiles on the walls. They are actually beautifully converted prison cells from when the hotel was a magistrates’ court that once held women like Vivienne Westwood and the Suffragettes.

Tried and tested: what is having the treatment like?

The first thing to note is that Katie is a total delight and a treatment with her is one of the best ways to while away the afternoon. She calmly explains everything that is going to happen, putting you at ease immediately. Getting into the Slimyonik Bodystyler is like slipping yourself into a sleeping bag and then doing up the zip – only this one has two individual legs, like a pair of trousers. You’ll be wearing a pair of full-length paper trousers underneath to soak up any moisture that’s released from the skin during the treatment. Once you’re lying down on the super comfortable bed, Katie covers you with a fluffy white duvet, so everything feels cosy and relaxing from the get-go. The canula is a plastic tube that goes under each nostril to feed your body with oxygen and is totally painless and barely noticeable throughout.

The treatment begins with a double cleanse using Wild Source oils, exclusive to Katie’s treatments at NoMad London, followed by a mask application with a neck and shoulder massage. All highly relaxing and fragrant so far. At the same time, you can feel the suit inflating and deflating in waves around your lower half; at times it is a tight squeeze as your legs are compressed, but it is never painful. The focus then turns to the facial, where your individual skin concerns and needs are addressed, complete with facial massage, cupping and Dermalux light therapy to trigger natural skin rejuvenation. Katie puts on a pair of gloves to do the buccal massage which is best described as an intense experience, yet totally satisfying as she kneads the tension out of your cheeks and jawline.

What results can you expect?

By increasing lymphatic circulation and turbo-charging oxygen inhalation, the Slimyonik Bodystyler promotes microcirculation and cell metabolism – we’re talking tissue detoxification and improved blood flow, digestion and gut function. Looking in the mirror afterwards you will see a whole new face, with plump and glowy skin and cheekbones and a jawline taking centre stage. Overall, the combination of elegant treatment room, Katie’s soothing nature and the magical massage will leave you feeling zen for days afterwards.



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How does the Immersive 360° compare to other tweakments?

Thanks to the innovative lymphatic drainage massage, the Katie England treatment tackles a range of concerns, so you will also notice a visible reduction in puffiness and a more sculpted jawline from the moment you get up off the bed. Days later you will be reaping the rewards with improvements seen to rosacea and fine lines and with overall healthier looking skin, akin to having been on a month-long detox.

What is the aftercare advice?

Katie advises to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush out the lymphatic system. You’ll be fine to go to a dinner or other meeting afterwards as there are no after effects aside from the healthy glow and rosy red cheeks.

Who is the Immersive 360° suitable for?

As with most tweakments, you should speak to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How many treatments do you need?

You will see a difference after just one treatment, but maximum results with regular appointments.

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